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Barracuda Reichsman - Unstoppable too weak


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Reichsman on the Barracuda SF (CoD info here) normally has 75% resistance to S/L, 70% to Negative, and 60% to F/C/E/P/T (relevant power here). Then, when he fires Unstoppable, it adds (or at least, should add) 24%, 29%, or 39% respectively, setting him to 99% resistance to everything, except of course that he's Invuln and so doesn't get any Psi resist from Unstoppable. Here is his Unstoppable in CoD, and you can see that he's actually getting 2.4%, 2.9%, and 3.9% to the various types. I discovered this (and thus have confirmed it) in-game using Surveillance, so it's definitely not a CoD issue.

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