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lost cure, midnighter arc, running shadows

Ridiculous Girl

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on the finale of the midnighter arc, hero-side from monty castlevania (or whatever his name is), after you recieve the lost cure, i go to perez park to cure the lost. the last couple of times i ran this arc, i would see something strange, and it seems to be getting worse each time. when i would hit a lost target, they would freeze in place, disappear, and a npc citizen would appear slightly nearby. i love doing this because if you do it near a group, chaos ensues and the group tries to kill the cured, but untoucable citizen.


BUT! where the lost was cured, did their freeze animation, and then disappear, their shadow of their frozen form would remain on the ground. the citizen spawns nearby with their own shadow, stares at you for several seconds and then runs off to a door nearby. the frozen lost shadow stays in place for several seconds and then runs off in a random direction. strange and confusing at first to see.


BUT! even weirder is this last time where i cured the lost. they did their freeze animation, a citizen spawns a bit off place, but occasionally the cured lost remains and then runs off and disappears. the shadow of the lost remains for a few seconds and then it spawns multiple shadows running off, i counted up to 8 times, once every second.


i did not see any other reporting anything like this, so i figured i would report it. 🙂

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