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lords of the fallen 2023 is amazing soulslike


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lords of the fallen 2023 is amazing. if you like souls, and didnt enjoy elden ring's tone with giant turtles with a human priest hat on their head, or wild disconnectedness.


dark souls 4? yes. pls.

bloodborne 2 or remake, yes. pls.


more elden ring? eh, ill buy it because combats goodish...but too much horse in a crappy open world.


lords of the fallen is dripping with tone, has tons of npc questlines, has build variety worth a damn, seamless coop for basically whole game without being kicked when a boss dies, and PvP invasions!!!


theres not a covenant system like in ds3, with effective modes of pvp, though theres a smattering like.


anyways, good, good, good game. worth.



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