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Crashing PC in a unique way.


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Good evening all,


COH has been crashing my hard drive but in a unique way. Not a crash I've ever seen. My desktop stays on, but both monitors go black and then into standby mode. With the monitors in standby mode, I try the usual ctl alt del to activate windows or shut down COH. That does nothing. If I try to turn off the PC to reset the computer, the power button doesn't shut down the PC. I can see the PC is still running but everything is locked. 

So power is on, and everything just stops working. The only way to reset PC is to flip off the power in the back.

It used to happen after a couple hours of play. Now it's happening as soon as I join the server. Please advise. 

Device name    JPmedia
Processor    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor               4.10 GHz
Installed RAM    64.0 GB
Device ID    6C8B3864-0A07-4DA7-BB33-5D4244A676EA
Product ID    00330-80000-00000-AA918
System type    64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch    No pen or touch input is available for this display

Running two 1070TI cards bridged.

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Ive heard that CoH doesnt like multi monitor setups but i think it was with nvidia cards.  Check if running a single monitor improves things.


Id recommend you backup your data if it isnt already.  Other possibilities include you may be in the middle of a hard drive crash or your cooling system is failing.  I didnt realize as my computer was crashing more often and then other wierd stuff started happening,  that it meant my hard drive was about to go.  It was most noticable during CoH since that was what i used the most.  The other time i had problems was when my cooling system pump failed and when the cooling fans were so old that they needed replacement.  Both of those situations caused CoH crashes because heat builds up very quickly when the cooling stops working.


Hopefully you can pinpoint the issue or someone who is better at diagnosing problems checks in. 


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I did link it to using my duel monitor. If I open chrome on my extended monitor so I can watch youtube while I play, then I will get a crash. 

And for some reason it works retroactively. If I start COH on a boot up all is fine. Use the secondary monitor and I increase chances of a crash. 

But if I've been using my secondary monitor all day and then start COH, the chance it crashes is already built in. 

It does not like me using a second monitor.  

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I would definitely check your running temps.   Graphics tend to up the heat a lot more.  One of my old systems crashed soon after I started CoH, but it was the graphics card no longer cooling properly.  CoH does tend to rely on the GPU it seems.

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