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Question about Server Status

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The Server Status page breaks down the population of various servers into "Hero" and "Villain." How does it quantify (if at all) the following:


1) Praetorians (pre-level 20)

2) Rogues

3) Vigilantes


Presumably the latter two fall under either "Villain" or "Hero," respectively, but I'm very curious about the Praetorians.


Inquiring minds.

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(For those wondering: Vigilantes and Resistance-Aligned Praetorians are tracked as Heroes, Rogues and Loyalist-Aligned Praetorians are tracked as Villains.)


But also, something is not quite right with the server counts, because if you add the Hero's and the Villains together, it's always < total # Players...

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Resistance count as Heroes, Loyalists count as Villains. The total numbers include people in the character creator, hence why the figures don't add up.

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