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  1. Dream Doctor is actually Nemesis, and is lying to all of us. This is also why he and Mender Silos are working against each other. (Or are they?)
  2. I would have sworn the Devs weighed in on the change back on the old forums. My recollection is that they said something about the particle physics of the fog made it unsustainable for the overhaul they were doing. Of they could have just said they didn't like it and it didn't fit their concept for the zone overhaul. Or both.
  3. I like the updated City map. Was there always an airport indicated on the map in Baumton and I never noticed it? If that zone ever gets a revamp, maybe the Council will take over the airport ruins for some deadly aerial operations.
  4. I really like this idea, and I'd love to see some kind of similar concept, but able to use it on allies/enemies. Call it Power Control, and it could feature ways to boost allies' powers in various ways or minimize/negate powers of villains.
  5. Reality Alteration: Powerset that allows you to "break" the game code. (ex. Temporarily exceed Enhancement Diversification limits, etc.)
  6. It would be kind of cool if you could give a tip mission to another player in some way. I'm not really sure what the point would be, but the idea kind of appeals to me to Share a Tip.
  7. I don't recall my powersets for some of them, but I have: Clockpuncher (Praetoran clockwork) Half-Clocked (Human/clockwork cyborg) Venting Machine (Canning line operator turned into living soda due to experiment gone wrong; now relies on a high tech suit to maintain his physical form) Missus Hippie
  8. I'm fine with the rewards as is, although I must say that I do kind of miss the old Veterans reward "tree" from live.
  9. Funny you should mention that: I was actually just going to suggest that there should be a Hami Raid added to Gold side, but this time make it Incarnate Hamidon. ("You think you've mastered the Hamidon Raid? Think again...!!!!") Also, what about a PVP Loyalist/Resistance Zone: dynamic battles where Loyalists try to protect incoming supply raids, while Resistance try to steal needed supplies and ammunition; Loyalists defend outposts from Resistance invaders; etc. Real Mad Max/Road Warrior PvP raids. Would especially love it if it could somehow incorporate the Gladiator mechanics of the Arenas to allow for players to direct large groups against one another.
  10. I know that there didn't seem to be much interest among the devs in further content for Praetoria (for various reasons), but they did end up giving us both First Ward (my favorite zone) and Night Ward. Has anyone else speculated on what would have been a logical progression- or just your own fun idea- for Praetorian content after the Magician's arc in Night Ward? Some of my own thoughts: 1) Night Ward tie-up. A short arc to tie up the loose ends of the NW zone (do the Drudges get back on track? Does the zone still exist after the last NW arc?) 1a) Shadow Earth?: Possible spinoff of #1, where we find that NW is slowly returning to the Netherworld. Could feature some more of Black Swan and/or Shadowhunter. Maybe a new zone, or else some kind of tie-in to the Shadow Shard on Blueside. 2) New Zone: Praetorian Wasteland. Populated primarily by Praetorian Devouring Earth. Missions to explore ruins of Praetorian cities and find ways to strike back at Hamidon. Could feature some new DE models, as well as Wasteland Mutants and fun stuff. Post-Apocalyptic costume pieces (that were coming down the pike). Would be a good lead-in to Number 6's arc where the heroes are saving the last remnants of Praetorian civilization. 2a) New Tokyo Warzone: Could tie into or be alternative of #2, where instead of exploring a wasteland, we have a partial wasteland and city that is constantly under siege by DE. It could be like Recluse's Victory, where the actions of heroes can either lend it to being more of a DE infested ruin, or more of a success story of the Survivors carving out a refuge for themselves. 4) What happened to Infernal? This is a mystery that only gets further deepened by a "blink or you'll miss it" easter egg in Number 6's arc. Delving into the mystery of Praetorian Infernal could be a natural spinoff of the magical side of Praetoria that gets explored through the FW and NW arcs. Ideally, there would be a way to continue the Resistance/Loyalist storylines, though that would also entail finding a way to include those alignments and story arcs in the existing NW/FW arcs as well.
  11. Now I want to see a supervillain in this game named "The Architect." His story arc would consist of a series of maddening, labyrinthine maps that were never the same from mission to mission, and the final showdown would feature a map that was shifting constantly. 😵😈😈
  12. I think the oddest office layout is the one with the "floating" floor. One set of stairs leads up to a door that immediately ends in stairs, where you then have to go underneath the floor to the opposite side of the room, to access the stairs leading right back up to the floating floor and access another set of stairs. Bizarre.
  13. I guess I'm a wimp. I have always run at default levels (+0/1 I think?), and when I get to 30+ mission contact on Redside, adjust to -1/1 on my squishier characters (dominators, corruptors). There are only a few times when I've adjusted upwards, on some particularly strong characters. I mostly solo, though.
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