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Base Building Wall of Fame

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This virtual wall of text is here to honor the builders and their bases that have won official Homecoming Base Building Contests and Challenges. Let their achievements be a source of inspiration for all of us.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2023 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Annual Base Contest Champions (by Shard)

LAVA-24772 | Lava.. | By @Interrabang | Utility Base Champion
DARKCOVEN-5519 | The Dark Coven | By @ScarredSilencer | Roleplay Base under 7k Items Champion
DEEP-16353 | The Deep Star | By @Riptide6 | Roleplay Base over 7k Items Champion
VAULTLUXE-17647 | Vault Luxe | By @BBBadger & @Easter Bunny | Community Choice Base

STATION-18074 | The Station | By @Garbage Wizard | Utility Base Champion
SN-9845 | Super Nation | By @Gem | Multipurpose Base under 7k Items Champion
315-6811 | Shades of Arachnos | By @Gio Valia | Multipurpose Base over 7k Items Champion

 Hungry Games Challenge Winner

Everlasting | CRUMBS-29402 | Hole in the Wall | By @Interrabang

 Base Scrawl Challenge Winner

Everlasting | SCUBA-29707 | Sea Sanctuary | By @Interrabang

 Halloween Base Contest Winners (by Shard)

Everlasting | TOT-30018 | Trick or Treat | By @Lunar Witch 
Excelsior | HALLOWEEN-23459 | EJO Halloween | By @EJOPhoenix & @Inferno Girl
Excelsior | MANOR-19011 | Mischief Manor | By @EnnVee
Torchbearer | HAUNT-10265 | The Haunt | By @DawL

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2020 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 1st Annual Base Contest Winners

Everlasting | BRIERROSE-8446 | Grimmsel College | By @Phoebus Imago | Base Contest Winner
Everlasting |
SIMULACRUM-6940 | Simulacrum | By @Veracor | Base Contest Finalist
Excelsior |
ONES-5030 | The Invincible Ones | By @Dacy | Base Contest Runner-Up
Everlasting |
RATCITY-2259 | R.A.T.S. | By @Crazy Cat@Paragon Champion; @Havox; @Owt; @OokySpooks | Base Contest Runner-Up
Everlasting |
PSHOPPING-13668 | Paragon Galleria | By @TwentySix | Base Contest Runner-Up
Everlasting |
GHOST-1471 | The Pagoda | By @Squidget | Community Choice Base

Congratulations to our esteemed inductees, and may their achievements continue to inspire architects, builders, and visionaries for generations to come. Thank you.

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