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IC Christmas/Holiday Market RP Vendors Needed for the *Home for the Holidays* Base Giveaway - Dec 9


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Faverty Events in partnership with Afterhours is hosting the Home for the Holidays base giveaway event on Dec 9 on the Everlasting server.


The event will be featuring a Christmas/Holiday market with stalls. I required 8 roleplaying vendors to interact with guests from 8:30pm-11:00pm EST.


Roleplayers will have the option to choose their stalls based on first come, first choice. The market stalls available are:

-handcrafted jewelry

-homemade donuts

-artisan coffee

-mystic crystals and stones

-handcrafted soaps

-handcrafted wooden furniture

-handmade clothing

-Christmas trees


(Roleplayers do not need to ICly know these crafts - I'm just looking to add a fun and unique roleplaying experience to the base giveaway.)



If you would like to participate, details of remuneration and duties will be discussed in private. Please contact me ingame at @faverty Industries or on discord: domi.sidney_faverty.events


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