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Change the names of Sentinel t9 attacks

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They're based off the same powers with the same animations and FX, but with tweaked damage, recharge, radius, and target cap. They're close enough that a name change wouldn't serve much purpose. 


My semi-related pipedream fantasy would be giving Sents entirely alternate range-focused powers that could replace their primary PBAOEs (including nukes and normals) with different names, like Radiation Blast getting "Atomic Bomb" (ranged AOE) instead of Atomic Blast or such. This would be treated like Sent SR treats Practiced Brawler vs Master Brawler; You could pick the one you wanted but they'd be mutually exclusive. The devs said they never want to do that again though so it'll just stay a pipedream. 

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Closed Beta Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/DptUBzh


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