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Tech Power Pool

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T1 - Stun Stick, whatever stabbing animation you got.  Moderate damage akin to Jump Kick.  100% chance for mag1 stun.  The reason for mag1 is to stack with various other stuns like Beanbag, dark pit and so on

T2 - Cardiac Regulation Fiber Mesh Underlay Weave Something Shirt - Toggle resist.  numbers can be anything.  But a toggle power pool resist ability without deep investment had to some from somewhere

T3 - Run and Grapple Gun.  Basically Infiltrations run+jump numbers but no stealth or defense.  popup short range teleport like Jaunt.  add a new mechanic if you want that increases in range but only when you aim the targeting reticle upwards.  I was ganna call this Parkour but I dont think we have a Natural pool yet and that name will probably be it

T4 - Overcharge Shirt - gives hefty resist for a few seconds then starts to decay over time.  damages your end over time

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There was already a tech-themed origin pool called Gadgetry that was planned but didn't get all the FX finished up by the time the game sunsetted, and unfortunately the HC devs haven't gotten around to finishing it up themselves yet. 




The natural pool was going to be Utility Belt, which was also not finished by either the live devs or HC. 


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Closed Beta Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/DptUBzh


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What FupDup said: The ideas for each pool were already laid out (and generally, I think the templates are good).  We just need someone to find time to sit down and finish them. 

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