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In Character music video for Ra'merica of The Watch

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The Behemoth Overlords Return From Retirement With New Song 'Feast on the Livers of Evil' After a prolonged absence from the music scene, heavy metal legends The Behemoth Overlords have announced their return with a powerful new single titled 'Feast on the Livers of Evil'. The band, known for their intense and raw sound, has been inspired to come out of retirement by recent news of the superhero birdman, 'Ra'merica'. We reached out to their publication company 'BlackSheepRecords' for more; Lead guitarist and vocalist, Zargothrax, stated, "When we saw what happened on the news, we thought to ourselves, 'that's the most <bleep>ing metal thing we've seen in Paragon in ages!' and we knew it was time to dust off our instruments and return to the stage. 'Feast on the Livers of Evil' is our tribute to the spirit of heroism and the Watch."

This is an AI production; the band is not a RL group.  Video capture and editing for the official music video done by me!




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