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Alternate Dominant Hands

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I would like for us to be able to switch dominant hand with our attacks/weapons. Titan weapons and katana/ninja sword are left-handed, and because of my own right-handed prejudice, I have not been able to use them. I would like a button to push to mirror the animations/pose to make it to where we can switch the hand holding the weapon, or even the hand shooting a fireball/lightning bolt.


I'd made the suggestion two years ago, and it never took off, but now with NCsoft owning Homecoming, hopefully we can have the option.

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The issue is any attack that does not already have an animation for the other hand needs a new animation made to do this. So it doesn't matter that NCSoft has given HC a limited license. What matters is that last I knew, the HC team has a single animator and who knows what projects already to animate.

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Welcome SinisterSeraph! (awesome name btw)

there are very few powers in the game that have alternate offhand animations

you can adjust some animations to suit your pleasure 

to find out how, head over to the mod section

it seems way more complicated than it really is

melee abilities are easier to modify (my personal experience)

you can customize sound effects too

no other game comes close to the amount of customization available.

try new things


have fun

kill skuls!

Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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