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Faverty Events in Association with the Penny Palace is hosting a REAL ESTATE AUCTION in September 15, 2024

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Faverty Events in association with the Penny Palace will be hosting the 2nd annual



Date: September 15, 2024

Time: 8pm EDT



Base codes will be released September 1, 2024.


There will be over 15 bases available for every desire and every budget!


Multiple base builders and base owners have signed up to have their bases be a part of the Real Estate Auction. There will be many different styles and themes to choose from! See below on how to sell your base at the auction.


Let's get a bunch of players into their new forever homes on the Everlasting server!


If you are interested in previewing the available bases, join the Faverty Events discord server and get the updates, extra pictures and details before anyone else!      https://discord.gg/wnaHm5nNRB


As usual there will be several types of auctions (traditional auction, raffle & giveaway) along with:

  • A new style of base - function only built with a specific theme
  • New Homebuyer Auction - only people who have not purchased or received bases from ANY Faverty Events auction/giveaway may bid and purchase these bases.


Registration for Bases

If you are interested in having a base sold at the auction, please contact me on Discord at: domi.sidney_faverty.events or in-game at: @faverty Industries before September 1, 2024.


Please join the Faverty Events discord to get more information about selling your base at the Real Estate Auction.


Auction, Raffle, Base Giveaway Fine Print:


  • Guests at the auction are expected to follow the Penny Palace Nightclub guidelines at all times. Please see the Penny Palace discord for further information: https://discord.gg/4w9vXYG4Es
  • Guests are expected to bid in good faith. Please refrain from up-bidding if you have no intention of purchasing the base.
  • Guests who win bids are expected to pay the full amount of the winning bid onsite. (Keeping your funds in emails is a good way to ensure you have enough to cover your winning bid.)
  • Guests who bid and do not have enough to cover the cost of the base, will forfeit their win. Any transferred funds will be sent back to the player and the base will be re-auctioned. (A player that needs to transfer funds, may communicate with the deed holder (Sidney-Lynne Faverty) and arrange for extra time, not exceeding 30minutes of real life time.)
  • Winning bidders can expect to have the base transferred to the SG-less character of their choice on site after the total payment has been made.
  • Players may purchase 1 base in the auction. Players who win an additional base in the raffle,  or giveaway, may choose the base they want to keep. If applicable, funds will be reimbursed if needed AFTER the transfer of the property has been made back to the deed holder (Sidney-Lynne Faverty). The base that was not chosen, will become available for purchase in the method it was purchased - ex: if it was won as a raffle, it will return to the raffle pool.
  • It is expected that players purchase/win one base in good faith without entering secondary accounts.
  • Players who have privately purchased bases from Faverty Events in the past are eligible to purchase/win a base in the traditional auctions, raffle and base giveaway and are subject to the same restrictions and guidelines as all other attendees.
  • Players who have never purchased, won or been given a base at ANY Faverty Events auction/giveaway/sale/other event are eligible to bid and purchase in the New Homebuyer auction. Good faith bidding is expected - do not bid if you are not a first time homebuyer.
  • A portion of the proceeds of the auction, raffle and silent auction will go to subsidizing base builders and owners who sold bases in the auction below the reserve amount (the reserve amount will not be disclosed) as well as paying any Penny Palace staff members who volunteer their time during the auction. Faverty Events is also pleased to announce that 50% of the proceeds of all Faverty Industries built homes with go to subsidize builders in the HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS base giveaway in December 2024.
  • Influence transactions will be done through trades at the auction; not through in-game emails.
  • Details of the auction are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to read the announcements and follow the guidelines.


Raffle (Tickets will be available for purchase in September):


  • Raffle tickets cost 50mil each/5 tickets max per player.
  • An early bird ticket will be issued for pre-purchased tickets before September 12.
  • Send your requested number of tickets with influence payment in-game to @faverty Industries - I will return your email with your raffle numbers and bonus early bird number if you request tickets and pay before the deadline.
  • Players may purchase raffle tickets on the day of the event from 8-9pm EST from the raffle ticket taker (ticket taker name will be announced during the event).
  • Players may only win 1 base in the raffle. (Players may only win/purchase one base - see Auction details for more information.)
  • If a player wins an additional base in the raffle, their second win will automatically be rejected and the dice will continue to roll until a number without a prior raffle win/base purchase is rolled.
  • The first winner decides which base they would like to own.


Base Give Away:


  • All players who are in attendance for the real estate auction are eligible to win the base give away. (See below for exceptions.)
  • Players will need to register before or at the auction to be counted in the give away (Name of the player taking base giveaway registrations will be announced during the event). Details on where to send base giveaway registrations will be posted in September.
  • The winner of the base giveaway must be present at the auction and respond to tells and broadcasts of their win. Failure to respond within 15 minutes, despite being present in the base, will default the win and another winner will be chosen.
  • Each player will be assigned a number upon registration. A dice roll will determine which number wins the base giveaway.
  • Players are expected to act in good faith by registering only one account to the base giveaway.
  • Known alternate accounts will be rejected as well as the original player account.
  • EXCEPTION: Players who have purchased/or won a base in the auction already, will not be eligible to win the base giveaway.
  • EXCEPTION: If a player is chosen for the base giveaway and they do not want it, they may pass and another winner will be chosen.


  • Feel free to tour the bases for auction, in the raffle, silent auction and the base giveaway at your leisure.
  • Feel free to message me @faverty Industries in game or on discord domi.sidney_faverty.events with any questions you have.
  • Be sure to have your funds ready for payment. Keep your influence in emails that you can access quickly instead of on multiple toons.
  • Make sure you have an SG-less character ready that you can alt to (if needed) or bring a character without an SG attached to the auction should you win a base.
  • Completed base pictures are available on the Faverty Events discord: https://discord.gg/wnaHm5nNRB
  • Base shift and drift is an unpleasant reality of the nature of the City of Heroes game. Efforts will be taken to ensure that base drift is corrected before the sale of a base, but some bases are more prone to drift than others and a correction may stray once again after being fixed. If you notice base drift in your PURCHASED or WON base, please contact me and I will repair it once. If it shifts again, it is most likely an irreparable base shift error. If an older base is sold and you notice base drift, please contact the event organizer. The struck through guidelines above will be followed.


Faverty Events would like to acknowledge all the base builders, base owners and contributors for helping make this event a reality. Building 15+ bases in a few months is a major feat and we am honored to be hosting this event. We have enjoyed working with new base builders and base builders developing specialty skills. Base builder and contributor recognition will be made at the auction unless a builder has requested anonymity.

Globals of the builders will not be announced at the auction unless we have permission to do so. Some base builders are open to taking jobs and requests.

Faverty Events would also like to thank The Penny Palace for the use of their nightclub base.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, need clarification, or to be put in contact with a builder, feel free to private message in-game: @faverty industries or on Discord: @domi.sidney_faverty.events


We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the auction on Saturday, September 15, 2024 at 8-11pm EDT.


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