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Ouroboros and Accomplishment Badges Merge


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     Here is my guide for the most efficient way to get a bunch of accomplishment badges while getting all of the Ouroboros badges. I have developed and perfected this process over several characters. This is the Snowcone Freeze’s approved method to get 38 accomplishment and 78 Ouroboros and 7 Gladiator Badges and 1 Accolade.


     If you are familiar with Ouroboros badges skip ahead to the next paragraph. If you are new to Ouroboros badges there is a lot to know ahead of time. Ouro badges are largely ignored in the game, because most characters don’t badge and they don’t contribute to Accolade powers and they are time consuming and there are a lot of them and some of them are annoying to get. Ouro badges are broken down into eight level tiers. For most of the tiers there are seven badges to get. They are 1) No Travel powers 2) AT only (primary and secondary powers only) 3) No Temporary powers 4) Player under constant debuff (your Accuracy, Damage, etc is lower) 5) Enemies are buffed (enemies Acc, Dam, etc is boosted) 6) No Inspirations 7) Player enhancements have no effect. So #1 No Travel and #2 AT only #3 No Temps and #5 Enemies buffed are minor inconveniences and are easy to get. Next, #6 No inspirations is generally not an issue, but is highly situational, using this guide will ameliorate that. Then #4 Player debuff is annoying, you will need to use red and yellow inspirations to compensate. Lastly, #7 Player enhancements have no effect, this is the bane of your existence. We all forget how much enhancements are helping us all the time. No enhancements will have you eating yellow and blue inspirations faster than M&Ms. And M&Ms are delicious. For most level tiers you will make three passes, one for No Travel, one for AT only and one for No Temps because those three cannot be done at the same time. Then you match the other four across those three runs. For the two highest level tiers there are a few additional badges, No epic powers, No Incarnate powers, etc, but they are very easy to get. There are a few additional badges, no defeats, time limits, etc that you will get effortlessly as you go. Ouro badges are easier to get in small groups, but it is next to impossible to find anyone to join you. Almost all Ouro badges are soloed.


Using this guide to maximize efficiency to get all of the Ouro badges and a bunch of Accmpl badges means you will at times be working on several Ouro badges and one Accmpl badge simultaneously. There will be times when you are only working on Ouro badges and there will be times you are only working on one Accmpl badge. Specifically there are a bunch of Hero side Accmpl badges in the 35-39 Level range that are mini arcs and are time consuming, running them without any Ouro constraints will maximize speeding through them. You are strictly badging so speed/stealth as much as you can. In a door mission it is objectives only. For the vast majority of these badges I fight nothing; once inside I run to the back of the map and get the objective. If you are attacked along the way JUST KEEP RUNNING, if you are knocked down, JUST KEEP RUNNING, if you are put to sleep, eat a break free and JUST KEEP RUNNING. I think I was chased on two occasions only.


Guide keywords:

“giant crystal” means after you select your mission from the small Ouro crystal turn ninety degrees

      and click the giant ouro crystal in the center of the room, you will immediately be in the zone of the first mission door.

“MT” means after you select your mission from the small Ouro crystal immediately use your

      Mission Teleporter/Team Teleporter to get to the first mission door.

“Ouro portal” means after you select your mission from the small Ouro crystal, go the regular Ouro portal

      and click your mission at the top of the list. Same as board transit.

“use LRT” means after you select your mission from the small Ouro crystal, click your Long Range Teleporter power

      to go to the specific zone I mention.

“RETURN TO CONTACT” means after you get your badge(s) and Reward Merits do NOT quit the TF, but instead

      go back to the contact’s actual location to receive something additional, such as an important temporary power.

“RM” means Reward Merits.

“No Epic powers” means no ancillary/patron powers.

“REPEAT” means you will run the same arc again, with different Ouro badges even though you have the Accmpl badge already.



Before you start Ouro badging there are a bunch of things I strongly recommend.

Ouro Badging Preparation:

> Be level 50.

> Have the Long Range Teleporter power with all regular Hero side and Villain side zones unlocked.

> Mission Teleporter and/or Team Teleporter from the START vendor. This will greatly speed up your travel times.

> A temporary travel power, such as the LKT-1700 Rocket Pack, from the START vendor.

     This is how you will get around when you are set to #2 AT only.

> Buy a bunch of large inspirations and leave them ready to grab in the /ah. You will meet a few

     Elite Bosses and you will need them. Also for #7 No enhancement runs.

> SET to Notoriety to  +0/1  Solo No Bosses



Begin your badging AS A VILLAIN

LEVEL 1-9   “The Loa Bone”  (badge: bone collector)

{Bronze timer & Three defeats & No Temporary powers & Enemies Buff}

(giant crystal) RETURN TO CONTACT for temp power Loa Bone & set your badge title to ‘Audacious’

RM 3


LEVEL 10-14  “Steal the Outbreak Virus”  (badge: plague carrier)

(giant crystal) (use Loa Bone temp against boss)

{Five defeats & No inspirations}

RM 3 & Prismatic Aether 1


LEVEL 10-14  “Steal Facemaker's Reanimation Chemicals”  (badge: mask maker)

(giant crystal) use Loa Bone temp to quickly KILL ALL ENEMIES

RM 3


LEVEL 10-14  “Hurt the Traitorous Vendetti Retainer”  (badge: stone cold)

{Gold timer & Zero defeats & No travel powers & Player Debuff}

(giant crystal) ignore all enemies, run, find Niles, kill Niles and his group.

REPEAT {Silver timer & One defeat & AT only & Enhancements Off}

RM 2(x2)=4


LEVEL 15-19  "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute"  (badge: paragon of vice)

{No Temporary powers} COMPLETE THE ARC

RM 28 & Prismatic Aether 1


LEVEL 15-19  “Breakout at the Zig”

{Enemies Buff} mini arc, use inspirations and Loa Bone temp.

RM 18


LEVEL 20-24  “Carpe Diem”   (badge: seaweed)

(giant crystal) {No Temporary powers} use inspirations against EB.

RM 8 & Prismatic Aether 1


LEVEL 20-24  "Bust Up the Dockworker's Strike”  (badge: strikebreaker)

(giant crystal) {AT only & No inspirations}

RM 2


LEVEL 20-24 "Retrieve Crash's Shipment"   (badge: slag reaper)

(giant crystal)

RM 2


LEVEL 25-29  "Eliminate Negotiator and Witnesses” (badge: agent of discord)

(giant crystal) {No travel powers & player debuff}

REPEAT {No temporary & Enhancements OFF}

REPEAT {AT only & enemies buff & no inspirations}

RM 2(x3)=6


LEVEL 25-29  "Offer Soul of Akarist” you must have History badge Lorekeeper

to access this contact. (USE MT) (badge: Soul Taker) First mission go to back

of the map and kill Akarist and guard. Second mission, fight nothing, run to the

back of the map and find the glowing altar, done.

RM 5


LEVEL 30-34  "The Unlucky Artifact"

(badge: Bad Luck) {No Travel powers & Enemies Buff & Player Debuff}

(giant crystal) you will have to jog to door, avoid family, enter mission

and go to the back and west, when you get close you will see Tavaris talking,

run to him, he will stop, kill him, done all badges awarded, exit, quit SF.

REPEAT {AT only & No inspirations}

REPEAT {No temporary & No enhancements}

RM 2(x3)=6


LEVEL 30-34  "Lost and Found”

(badge: Exterminator) (giant crystal) start running to the back, KitVul will talk,

run to him and kill him, done, exit and Quit SF. Do your best Dalek impersonation now.


LEVEL 35-39  "B4nKbUsTah"

(badge: Skip Tracer) {No temporary powers & No inspirations}

RM 3


LEVEL 35-39  “Attack Longbow Portal Base”

(badge: Portal Hopper) (giant crystal)

{No travel & Enemies Buff & player debuff}

REPEAT {AT only & No enhancements}

RM 3x2=6


LEVEL 40-49  "Party Crasher"

(badge: Party Crasher) (USE MT) run to the back and kill Silver mantis using inspirations, exit and Quit SF.

{No Travel}

RM 3


LEVEL 40-49  "Selestar

(badge: Mage Hunter) (giant crystal) run to the back of the cave and kill Selestar and everything in the room.

{No temporary & Enemy buff}

REPEAT {AT only & No enhancements}

REPEAT {No Epic powers & player debuff & no inspirations}

RM 2x3=6


LEVEL 50 "Video Games Made Me Do It"   you must have Master Airwaves badge

to access this contact, Grandville exploration #4.

(badge: Couch Potato)  {No incarnate powers}

RM 3





LEVEL 10-14  “Shrewd Lessons”

(badge: Praetorian Tourist)  (giant crystal)

Mission one, ignore enemies, run to the back back, kill Paul, done.

Door mission two, KILL ALL ENEMIES. Door mission three, ignore enemies,

run to the back, access all elevators and ramps until you find a guy standing alone

in the center of the room named Resistance Sympathizer, kill him, exit, done, badge.

RM 5


LEVEL 1-9   “Get the Clockwork out of the warehouse before the Skulls…”

(badge: Negotiatior) (giant crystal)

RM 3


LEVEL 10-14  "Rescue the Mystic from the Circle of Thorns"

(badge: Spelunker) (USE MT) (QUIT TF after badge)

RM 3


LEVEL 15-19  "Vahzilok Wasting Disease"

(badge: Plague Stopper)  (USE MT)

{No Travel & No Enhancements} use inspirations.

REPEAT {AT only & No inspirations & Player Debuff}

RM 2x2=4


LEVEL 20-24 "Stop the Mystic Madmen"

(badge: Spirit Warrior)  (USE MT) KILL ALL ENEMIES

RM 7


LEVEL 20-24 "Retrieve Stolen Weapons From The Freakshow"

(badge: Pwnz) (USE MT) RETURN TO CONTACT for temp power Beanbag.

RM 3


LEVEL 20-24  "The Chameleon Suit"

(badge: Chameleon) {No travel powers & player debuff & enemies Buff & no enhancements}

(USE MT) put on chameleon suit contact gave you, run to the last room and click glowie

and you are done, all badges awarded.

RM 1


LEVEL 25-29  "The Redemption of Alexander the Great"

(badge: Redeemer) (use Ouro portal to Talos) mini arc, after you get the badge RETURN

to Alexander Pavlidis for your merits.

RM 12


LEVEL 25-29  "Find the Pantheon: Rescue the Mystics"

(badge: Mystical Savior) (USE MT) KILL ALL ENEMIES

RM 5


LEVEL 25-29  "Lost Motivation"

(badge: Pecking Order)  (USE MT) after you get the badge quit TF

RM 1


LEVEL 30-34  "Stop the Pact"

(badge: Corrupter)  (USE MT) mini arc.

RM 12     


LEVEL 30-34    "Defend The War Walls"

(badge: War Wall Defender)  (board transit)

RM 3


LEVEL 35-39  "They Call Me The Doctor" 

(badge: Doctor’s Ally) {No Travel powers} (use Ouroboros portal to Atlas Park)

RM 3


LEVEL 35-39  "The Arrival of the Oranbegans”

(badge: Frontline) (USE MT) mini arc, last mission “stop circle’s battle” is a KILL ALL ENEMIES.

RM 15 and Prismatic Aether 1


LEVEL 35-39  "Hippocratic Oath"

(badge: Do No Harm)  (USE MT)  mini arc, last mission “exchange cure …” just click glowie

and save doctors, do not fight anything else.

RM 4


LEVEL 35-39  "Revelation: Rikti Factions"

(badge: Traditionalist Foil) (use Ouro portal to Board Transit)

RM 3


LEVEL 40-49  "The Clockwork King's Psychic Signal"

(badge: Emancipator)  (Ouro portal to PI) run to the back defeat Clockwork King EB

with inspirations and incarnate Lore pet if you have one.


LEVEL 40-49  "Nemesis Weather Control"

(badge: Meteorologist)  (use LRT to crey’s folly hunt Nemesis) mini arc Nemesis.

RM 17


LEVEL 40-49  “Nemesis Rex”

(badge: True Nemesis) (use Ouro portal) mini arc Nemesis.

RM 6


LEVEL 50 "The Rikti Negotiator"

(badge: Bodyguard)  (use Ouro portal to FF)  {Alpha only}

RM 7


LEVEL 50  “The Marauder’s Cell”

(badge: Agent)  (use LRT to Brickstown) {No temporary powers} use inspirations to kill Marauder EB.

Sing a happy song, the hard parts are done.

RM 3


LEVEL 50  “The Center’s Personal Story”

(badge: Ace up their sleeve)  (Ouro portal to mission)  

{No travel powers & player debuff & enemies buff & No enhancements & No inspirations}

REPEAT {AT only}

REPEAT {No Epic powers}


DONE you now have Chronomaster Accolade !! Congratulations !! Now get outside and hug a tree,

you have spent too much time in front of the computer you silly badger.


You will receive 222 Reward Merits and 4 Prismatic Aether.

Additionally you should receive approximately 6 rare salvage items, and 12 rare recipes.


Coh_Ouroborous_checklist_1 copy.jpg

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