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Recruiting: TEMPORARY POWERS Global Channel


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So, I've got this Global Channel, Temporary Powers.  And I want you to join it...!


The purpose of the channel is to help people who play in short, intermittent bursts to find people to team with, in the short term.  Even just one or two missions!


Not everyone can, or even wants to, spend two or three hours logged on to a single character on any given day.  Well, we still want to play as part of a team ... but sometimes, you can feel uncomfortable being on a team for such a short span of time.  But you won't feel that way, if you find that team from a group of players that explicitly is okay with that!


But for it to work, we need members.  The more, the merrier.


We even need people who DO play for several hours at a stretch; if you're okay with people jumping on and off your team for short stints, please do join up!

Global Handle: @PaxArcana ... Home servers on Live: Freedom Virtue ... Home Server on HC: Torchbearer

Archetype: Casual Gamer ... Powersets:  Forum Melee / Neckbeard ... Kryptonite:  Altoholism

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