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  1. Those drag-and-drop are single aspect commands. If you've given the henchmen a command to GOTO a certain point ... clicking that "All Defensive" button won't make them start following you, they'll still be on that GOTO positional aspect.
  2. I could run in, slap an Aid Other on a pet, then run back ... something like TWICE, for every one use of Repair. At least. Repair as it stands is the next thing to useless.
  3. I don't know about "more effective", but, Aid Other certainly has a much faster recharge time.
  4. It's not whether it's impossible. It's whether or not it breaks other things badly enough to not be worth doing.
  5. The mission scales improperly, that's why. A Lieutenant is +1 to you, even at even level. So a Lieutenant who is one level higher than you, cons as Orange, a.k.a. "+2 to me".
  6. IIRC, most of my characters I've put through that arc have had to go to -1/x0, or else, leave the mission alone for a level or two.
  7. Proton is probably the number-crunching "nerd" stereotype. and Twinshot's likely the "social butterfly"/"Popular Girl" who knows everyone, everywhere, and is just SO very amazingly cool. 😄
  8. Once, Regeneration was godlike. Then some people whinged. Then the Devs "tweaked" it into mediocrity. 😢
  9. Except, if you look at a map of Paragon ... the zones don't border directly on each other that way, Bentley.
  10. (Not really, but, this is too appropriate a laugh not to post it ... 😄 😄 😄)
  11. This would still require a great deal of intense work. Because, you see, there isn't anything on the other side of the War Walls. Not even empty land. Just a fairly basic skybox. To make it work like the boundaries in, say, a Mayhem mission (those blue force-fields you mentioned), the dev team would have to actually model something for you to see, on the other side of the force-field.
  12. Fair enough point. One or two new slots would have made a nice reward for Veteran Level 100, though. 🙂
  13. The answer to the OP's question is: A TOTAL GROUND-UP REWRITE OF THE ENTIRE GAME. Every line of code. No exceptions. Welcome to City of Heroes II ...! Seriously, that's what it would take.
  14. Well, I'd like to see it possible without a respec being necessary. 🙂
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