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  1. OTOH, if the content is way lower than you, it should be a breeze to finish them the old-fashioned way ... 🙂
  2. Rather than spend my real-world human attention on running an attack chain, I'm spending it micromanaging my pets. I don't take any attacks from my Primary (well, okay, I take them for the first fifteen levels, 'cause there just aren't enough pets to occupy my time fully, until around level 18), and with some secondaries there aren't any debuffs to speak of (/Force Field, for example). My main, back on Live, was Robotics / Force Field. I didn't take Repulsion Bomb, and Force Bubble was end-intensive enough I saved it for panic situations. So the only two powers I had that would affect the enemy directly in any way, were Force Bolt (which hardly counts, and after I have five pets I hardly need it), and Detention Field, which is just situational enough that it's not really needed in every fight. On Live, I would only Deflection/Insulation bubble the Brute (or Tanker, in co-op zones), because ideally, they would be the only one getting attacked. Mind, I was running full Leadership, plus Dispersion Field. That was slotted so I was giving around 15% defense just for standing nearby. Deflection/Insulation were giving almost 17% more, to whoever needed it (again, typically Brute or Tank - nowadays, "the whole team"). Note, especially, my robots were not "quite vulnerable" without the Protector bubbles, because my toggles were about as good as the bubbles from both bots. Once the Protectors were done double-bubbling the robots, they were up >30% defense. And I could softcap them, if I wanted to Deflection/Insulate them. Rarely needed to, though. ... So, what was my attention, time, and energy spent doing? Directing the robots to new targets, sometimes individually to spread their aggro around; Moving the robots, again sometimes individually, to new positions as needed; Maintaining situational awareness - if an ambush came in, or someone accidentally attracted a few adds, I was typically the first to see it - and use #1 and #2 to grab the adds' aggro until the Brute/Tanker could reassert control; Positioning myself, to keep my toggles' effects on as much of the team as possible. That's not "Masterminding Wrong". That's just, masterminding differently than you do. And it doesn't generally involve my little avatar "animating" anything, nor does it cost any of it's little blue bar. ... Back on live, sometime in the mid-30's for level, I had a team (PUG, on some SF or other) complain that I was "just leeching" because they didn't see me actually attacking the enemy; I was just "standing there", or maybe "running around doing nothing" (except the list above, which generally isn't visible to other people the way brightly-colored energy beams etc are). So I challenged them: for one enemy spawn, I really would do nothing - no toggles, no bubbles, pets in Passive. They would do the fight alone, without a lick of help from me. Then it was my turn - THEY stood by and watched, while I took on TWO spawn groups, at once, all by myself. I finished up my side of the "test" faster than they did, and with my pets in far better health (even though I was only Def/Ins bubbling the Assault bot). Then quipped, IC, "so, remind me exactly who is carrying who, here?" before, OOC, explaining (in nutshell brevity) all the stuff above. ... They didn't complain one whit after that. And, for the rest of the SF, they also were more patient waiting at the door while I (frantically) re-summoned and re-upgrade/equip'd my robots. (This was back when pets NEVER zoned in or out with a MM, you had to do the summon-and-buff-dance at EVERY door.) Being an MM who doesn't use much, or even any, END post-summoning pets, IS NOT MASTERMINDING "WRONG". It's just a "pure pet" build, with a secondary that doesn't need much direct, mid-fight use.
  3. Hang out in AP, inevitably someone will drop one, and if you're quick you can click it before they do ...
  4. Yes, I figured it was a joke, and just wanted to play along. Sadly, I screwed it up. Somehow, the "size" check I did was on my ENTIRE Steam Library, not just those two individual games. I don't just lose ... I (inadvertently) tried to cheat. I think that means my e-peen gets cut off with a rusty butter knife. 😭 I could recover, and just install Shadow of Mordor (that one IS over 100GB), but that'd mean spending 8 to 12 hours downloading it first, and ... um ... no, thank you. 😄
  5. Yes. Which is why, if I were to do it, I'd first toss a disc in my R/W Blu-Ray drive and back those files up. All, like, 1.2 terabytes of them. Which would (a) take multiple disks, and (b) take many, many hours. ONLY THEN could I actually begin planning out new partitions, including a temporary "dummy" partition to facilitate moving files around. Right now, I've got: C - 222GB (128GB free); OS, and things that refuse to install anywhere but the C drive D - 499GB (290GB free); Games E - 749GB (639GB free); Documents & Misc F - 588GB (255GB free); Music, Photos, videos D, E, and F are all the same physical HDD; Cis a separate drive, an SSD. What I should have done with that HDD, is: D - 1TB; Games (~590 would be free) E - 250GB; Documents & Misc (~140 would still be free) F - 586GB; Music, Photos, videos (~253 would still be free) ... ah well, next PC. (When D will be it's own, separate SSD. Just for games. With an .m2 form factor, for ridiculously-high R/W speeds. Hehehe.)
  6. Well, maybe she's here, and I'll bump into her someday (and actually know I have). 🙂
  7. ... I'd actually be more envious of this, than if it had been someone like Reynolds or Cumberbatch. I'm a huuuuge fan of her Valdemar novels. 🙂
  8. It would also utterly break some powers. Force Bolt, for example. My Robo/FF Mastermind absolutely relies on it as "soft control" for occasions when my pets can't quite grab and hold aggro from an entire spawn, and something insists on getting personal with my MM. I just keep knocking them off their feet, and fifteen-plus feet away from me, in order to limit their threat to my personal health and safety, until the minions can get involved.
  9. ::sad panda face:: That'd be a damned shame, 'cause it'd be a great thing to add to the toolbox. 🙂
  10. That's exactly what I'm suggesting, except, make the debuff last for a while, and be self-stacking. For example, if it lasts for 30 seconds, and in that time you can hit them a total of eleven times .... using your numbers, for the last blow their KB protection has been cut by 100 points, and maybe they go down on their backside. ... even, if the buff is strong enough and/or lasts long enough and/or there's enough people with that set beating on it, an AV. (Which in turn suggests a fun badge to maybe strive for.) And yes, that means that the first few times you hit, their protection is absolutely going to laugh at you KB or KD. But, eventually ... "who's laughing NOW?" 🙂
  11. ... or reducing the target's protection against KB/KD, maybe ...
  12. Oh, but I absolutely do "get" (read: understand) what you are saying, Razor. Where I disagree, is with the magnitude of that difference's impact and importance.
  13. So basically, a toggle that would work like Bio Armor does (internally to the set), yes? When it's on, all KB becomes KD .... when it's not, powers are left alone. Well, here's a thing to consider: rather than changing the magnitude the way the IO apparently does .... why not just change the DISTANCE? It's still knockback, but it only sends them ONE FOOT back (and they fall to the ground). That's unlikely to be problematic for AoE or Melee characters, after all.
  14. Seriously, Razorcat. This is not an Archetype issue, this is a Razorcat issue.
  15. So if we go with your claim that "half" of the powers Tankers (etc) have are Toggles, at the point when the Tanker has 5 clicks and 5 toggles, and none are Travel or Pool powers .... the Controller has 9 clicks and 1 toggle, the Dominator has 10 clicks. Add 10 click powers to ALL of those? Tanker (etc): 15 clicks, 5 toggles Controller: 19 clicks, 1 toggle - difference: +4 click powers Dominator: 20 clicks, 0 toggles - difference: +5 click powers .... 4 or 5 extra powers is still not a crisis. And that is, seriously, what you're not getting: every click power to add to one archetype, you add to all archetypes. The margin of difference, in absolute number of powers, remains constant. Given the same character level throughout ... X extra click powers now, will be X extra click powers next week, and still be X extra click powers three years from now. Not Y, not X+Z. Just X, whatever that number might be.
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