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Game running in OPENGL how do I force it to use directx


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You don't I believe.


retchedYesterday at 11:16 AM

@everyone Important update incoming from our friends in the SCOTS team.

We finally have confirmation on user's Intel integrated graphics & Windows 10 issues. A community discussion with a member of the team behind Homecoming and SCORE revealed that both Intel and Windows 10 offer next-to-no support for OpenGL or legacy graphics engines, partially due to Microsoft's push for DirectX; Windows 10 doesn't even support hardware-accelerated OpenGL at all.


Most of these problems have been experienced by people using modern laptops. We're working on a better way to broadcast these problems for them to know about, and also discussed some possible future software solutions that could be built to overcome this hurdle and keep City of Heroes' game client functional on future hardware.


The latter will be further explored by our team down the road once server proliferation and i24 development is at a comfortable stage, but if anyone has a development group familiar with this type of development who would like to get started or lay out the groundwork, there's a lot of people out there who would appreciate it.

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