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I like the new Blasters. Surprise


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I always wanted to blast.  I ran a few 50. Masters on live and even incarnated an energy energy. Never loved them. They were never what I really wanted a ranged blaster. The design from the ground up is for blapping


Blasters still suffer from their genetics. PBAoE tier 9s really?  I pass on those. I would take phase shift or anything I will find useful. An invitation to the death zone is not appreciated


I am leveling a vampire Snarkula Dark Time at 35 now and loving it. Avoiding all the juicy melee attacks and grabbing hover and sorcery. From sorcery blast power fly+port and Mez prot. Then stealth Inv and phase shift.  I need to run a patron arc. (Running this guy as a selfish rogue of course. I think I want dark powers from redside for patron. I looked at the blue power pools and was unimpressed and they did not match theme. Any suggestions here are appreciated. I have not run a blaster past 20 in years lol


But I am having marvelous fun. My selfish little blaster has done both poses and a manti and ran sweet.  Good teams of course. I am considering some solo story arcs with this type of build  Never got a blaster past 29 doing all story arcs.  It gets ugly about there with EBs starting to show. Any ideas on that. Powers/build tactics would be welcome


Finally the reason for the post.  They actually fixed some of the blaster problems. Yeah. Time gives a lot of blue to Blasters and some decent ranged abilities. Rare in a blaster secondary. Most are pure blapping. Except ice.  And that gets odd. They fixed the ranges. Mostly. No more 40 60 80 where do I stand nonsense. Okay o need range increase in my dark area Debuff which is at 40. But it is a lot better. In general they shores up some real soft spots in the whole archetype in my opinion



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