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what HYbrid Slot Ability for a tri-form Warsahde?

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It may depend on some of your other incarnate slots and how you like to play and/or what holes your build might have. The most general advice is to use incarnates to provide WSs with some status protection since they don't really get it in their power set. Maybe you took Clarion Destiny for that so perhaps you want more damage and go the Assault Hybrid route. Or maybe you have a lot of defense IO bonuses but needed some extra % so you took Barrier Destiny and use the Melee Hybrid for some mez protection. Also, maybe you use the stuns and wanted to rock the Control Hybrid to do extra damage to foes stunned, immobilized, or held and also +1 Mag.


I haven't tried it yet (maybe I'll jump on test and try) but say you have enough recharge to have 3 fluffies out and you wanted to help support them while you pound away in Dwarf and took the Support Hybrid route. The support numbers are doubled for pets!


I hope that helps a little. What other incarnates do you plan to take and what powers do you use the most on your WS?

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I took Spiritual Alpha (I think radial, not core, I don't have the game with me) and yes I have 3 fluffies. Can't remember if I have T3 or T4


I took Clarion in Destiny (which ever flavor is perma at T4 despite the decay).


I went Reactive for Interface because I both solo and tram I think the debuffs are helpful for solo)


I went Polar Lights for Lore because they are the one that looked the most kheldian-ish. I have the T4 with the untouchable support. I may eventually try the Fortitude granting Seers, but I want to compete Hybrid first.


I went Ion for Judgement because it's fun. Also T4, i think I settled on the one that does extra damage (Core) rather than in the one that has status effects.



As for most used powers I'm triform, so I buff in human, quasar or blow up corpses and switch to Nova until it's time to buff again. Dwarf is things get hairy or the team needs a tank. No controls to speak of. I do extract pets while in human, although I generally don;t spend too much time thinking about them so not sure the pet healing/protection route is for me. Sounds like Assault may be the place to start.


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