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3696 The Mighty Infringers

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Hey True Believers!

Stanley has asked you to take the fight to a group of Infringers patrolling the streets dressed as HIS creations and serve them a cease and desist!

It is wise to go up against these Mighty Infringers in a small group, as some of them have powers that rival the Gods themselves (EB and AV's)!


Arc ID 3696

Contains uniquely made costumes by the author.

4 missions

Mission 1 - Defeat all signature heroes TIP: Some of them may be hiding between the war wall and the buildings. It's annoying but placement on an outdoor map is randomized.

Mission 2 - Defeat all reserve members in their training facility

Mission 3 - Defeat the most powerful Infringers!

Mission 4 - The True Boss revealed! Defeat the boss and his cronies before they destroy existence itself!



I drawed things:

Gallery of my CoH Pantheon

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