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Answering way more than was asked:


You can set up a keybind with /bind <key> "powexecauto <power name>"


This can also be used in combination with another power, so you fire one and set the other to auto so it will follow: /bind <key> "powexecauto <power name>$$powexecname <power name>"


Or, you could make a series of bind files and put them in your c:\binds directory, naming them bind00.txt, bind01.txt, and bind02.txt


In each file you successively enter:


<key> "powexecauto <power name>$$powexecname <power name>$$bindloadfile C:\binds\bind01.txt"


<same key> "powexecauto <power name>$$powexecname <power name>$$bindloadfile C:\binds\bind02.txt"


<same key> "powexecauto <power name>$$powexecname <power name>$$bindloadfile C:\binds\bind00.txt"


With each file referencing different powers, so you can run through a whole attack sequence with one key or button. You could just do the powexec auto in the bind files and it'd work well, too, turning them on successively.


Add a macro to your tray to set it all back to the beginning on demand: /macro load "bindloadfile c:\binds\bind00.txt"


Bind files could also turn on all your toggles with one key using powexectoggleon <power name>.

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