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  1. They get mire as mentioned. A long time ago they used to get eclipse as well, but that disappeared at some point, leaving them as one of the squishiest pets on the block. Since a large part of a Warshades damage comes from these guys it would be really nice to get that back. When they did inherit it they also inherited the duration, so if you had ten seconds left on mire, the pet you summon at that point also had ten seconds left on it, which feels appropriate for balance. Would also be nice to get them to not close to melee since they have all ranged attacks...
  2. Late to this party, but I'll add my comments from a Warshade perspective. TP Target is a nice QoL change. Fold Space is awesome; I will echo what someone said early in the thread that this is a primary/secondary power for a WS and is therefore supposed to be in some way superior to the pool version. I nitpick this because Kheldians have gotten the short stick a few time with powers getting copied from various places and not receiving the correct attributes/buffs. As example this happened briefly with Shadow Cloak once which was made into a copy of Stealth from Invisibil
  3. Nicely done, Doom. And not a surprise to me you pulled it off 🙂 I've been away for a bit, but I'll send your bounty along soon.
  4. What Troo said, but here are some that I feel have particularly good synergy Ice/bio: stacking sleeps and ice adds significant mitigation to bio when needed Staff/fire: staff is incredibly versatile, but is a little weak on damage, which burn helps Sav/ice: savage is strong but gives 0 mitigation, while ice is incredibly resilient once invested in Db/elec or ea or sr: db is especially recharge hungry if you want to push the damage to the max, and these three offer +rech along with being very tough Anything lacking AoEs/rad: rad gives two aoes to help your primar
  5. Description error, those are dual blades combos.
  6. You can try the full build with incarnates and such on test server first to see if you like it. I spend more time on test than live honestly.
  7. They are very similar in some ways, and you pretty much hit all the differences. I generally simplify the choice this way: if I must have more rech or I never want to be drained I go with elec; if I need more AoE I go with rad. Rad has good end tools and some resist to end drain, but it is still possible to be drained given enough hits. Elec cannot be drained by outside sources. However, rad gets a little more healing and a t9 without a crash. Pick your poison.
  8. Staff/Ice, DB/Elec, and Ice/Bio for me. Staff/Ice was mostly thematic and I also like both of those powersets, though they don't have a particular synergy together.
  9. Ff is not great in waterspout. It is a practically guaranteed fire on summon, but it can't fire after that since the pet itself doesn't benefit from the procs. That's not a lot of up time. If you don't have a place to put the two resistance procs it takes it is a good spot for those or 5 of the Ragnarok set. There's no reason to do a kb to kd either, as it does knockup, not knockback.
  10. Seems like a description change is in order then, although it seems like it would be fine to work off actual max hp.
  11. I would definitely recommend ice/bio over the other two. Bio is not as sturdy as some of the other sets, but ice makes up for it with ice patch and stacking sleeps. Stj has some knockdowns but savage has no mitigation to add to bio whatsoever.
  12. You should reconsider for Icy Bastion. It's not like the other t9 powers, and is what pushes ice armor toward the top in terms of survival.
  13. So I was playing around with this proc on one of my ice characters, and I noticed that it heals for the same value when I have hoarfrost up and when I don't. I calculated it out, and the heal is doing 5% base, unenhanced of max hp. I expected 5% of current max hp. Am I new to the party on this? If you're running at hp cap that's a significantly smaller heal.
  14. Ageless covers it with very little wiggle room, but I also don't use energy absorption in this case. I think I put a little end redux in shockwave. One thing I really don't like is I had to put the +crit ato in icicles because I didn't have room and didn't want to lower the proc chances of the other attacks since claw attacks are already low recharge. Edit: I changed my slotting around to drop Gaussian's, get the Crit proc in Follow Up, and add a knockdown proc to spin. Got the below new times 2:04 437 1:52 470 2:21 400 (lag) 1:55 461 1:49 480 Much improved
  15. Buff powers do, yes. Light form used to specifically lock you out of other forms, but it was changed in one of the later issues on live along with a number of other kheldian improvements.
  16. I think you underestimate hibernate. It is one of the best panic buttons in the game, since it phases you, allowing you to return to hidden and shake off any debuffs, while healing you and restoring end. Most builds will hit something in the game that they aren't equipped to handle, and hibernate can give you breathing room. It's also a one slot wonder for the preventive medicine unique.
  17. Microcosm


    The return on investment on Sandman in a toggle is realllly low. I tried it for a while and found it fairly useless.
  18. Claws/Ice Scrapper, Musc/Ageless/Degen/Pyro/Assault (off) all T4 Core 2:15 412 2:20 400 I had recently done a Svg/Ice stalker thinking the sets had good synergy and realized Claws had similar synergy with Ice, though not quite as much. Chain was FU > Focus > Shockwave > Eviscerate, with Water spout whenever available. Trying to maximize procs. Conventional wisdom says to use Slash with Achilles, but the recharge and cast time are so low on that I figured I'd get better mileage putting Achilles in Water spout and focusing on the other attacks. I've not us
  19. Microcosm


    Yep, they do, and yep, the +tohit in bio makes them stronger. I generally take Leviathan on stalkers because Waterspout and Hibernate are amazing, but for bio I go Soul to get Shadow Meld and Moonbeam every time.
  20. Microcosm


    Mids doesn't show the correct damage. Zapp and Moonbeam hit for the same (sans a given enemy's damage resistance to one or the other type).
  21. Microcosm


    I'm not a huge fan of bio in general, but I love my ice/bio stalker. The two sets complement each other very well. On mine I took everything from bio--Genetic Corruption may look bad, but it stacks with Frozen Aura as Sgt Terminus said, and it has a hefty -dam debuff. I think everyone generally answered your questions, but I'll add that I went proc heavy and don't regret it.
  22. For a build like this that isn't proc heavy and likes its rech/stun/heal, Spiritual Alpha all the way with Clarion Destiny for mez protection. The other incarnate slots don't really matter all that much.
  23. Think you're misreading that resistance. You have 6.98% status resistance from an IO. There is no other status resistance there from kheld sources.
  24. To your first question, yes, set bonuses apply to all forms. For your second, you get mez protection in 3 ways. The first is in Dwarf form which you can pick up at 20. This would be a reason to not go human-only, at least while leveling up. The second is in Light Form, the final armor power. You'll want to get the recharge from buffs/set bonuses/force feedback procs/teammates to make this power up all the time when you can. The only problem here is that you don't get this power until later on. The third way is through your inherent, Cosmic Balance, which grants you a single point o
  25. Finally got a km result I like. Went /fire scrapper, the idea being the near constant +damage from power siphon would boost burn and moonbeam, so I cycled the first three attacks in km to keep +dam up. Musc/Ageless/Degen/Pyro/Assault (off), per usual 2:09 2:14 Will run a few more times later.
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