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Three Gladiator badges have errors in their progress bar/description


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There are 2 gladiator badges that only show ???  rather then the target name required for the badge.


After some quick checks of my notes from the old days and a quick conformation by blasting a few targets I have verified that they are the gladiator badges for defeating 100 Mu guardians and 100 Force Field Generators summoned by the Raider Engineers of the Sky Raiders.


This is a legacy glitch from the First Era of CoH,  just posting about it as an FYI


EDIT: while hunting Prisoners, I noticed that the description for the Gladiator badge for Prisoner bosses reads as 100 required but when you check the progress bar it shows 200 required.


EDIT 2: while hunting prisoners, I saw that the Lieutenants around the prison counted towards the gladiator badge.

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