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Origin Enhancement Guide/List for Enemy Factions?


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I may be crazy or suffering from early onset dementia (hence the MadCow) but did there not used to be a guide/spreadsheet/list of what enemy factions dropped which dual-origin and single-origin enhancements so players would know which missions/story arcs were the "best" ones to do based on origins?


I'm almost certain someone had a spreadsheet but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Over 60 views and nobody has this list...


So, um... maybe there isn't one?


Could someone make one?  I don't have nearly enough information, but I bet someone way smarter than I am has this in an xml spreadsheet already...

Everlasting server - Sister Pistols and the Perma-Newbies SG

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I'm a really good lurker on these forums (just never like to say anything  :P ) but I have not ever seen such a list here.  I've seen a list of enemies by zone, and enemies by def and resistance, but not by origin drops


I checked Paragon wiki, and the entries for each contact tell you what enhancement types they drop...


For Example: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Category:Hero_Contacts_Level_15-19


Pick the origin column and select the contact, and you'll see a "Store" link.  It will tell you that contact is Natural/Magic or what not.  If you work their missions, you are likely to get those origins for enhancements...

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The thing is that as soon as you can get SOs, IOs are almost as good and don't get out leveled. I usually don't bother too much with enhancements until I can slot IOs at 22.


+1.  I can't quite see the point in caring about this too much, because once I hit 22 and start slotting IOs, regular enhancements become vendor trash.


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You'd have the influence, if you just sold all of your salvage drops on the market for 1 inf each. The law of averages suggests that if you just "dump" all your salvage if you don't care about IOs, the resulting influence should be MORE than enough to just outright buy whatever DOs/SOs you want, forever. At least, that's been my experience.

For some reason, ParagonWiki doesn't seem to list the actual PRICES of enhancements anywhere in the stores, but I'd guess that if you sold just ONE rare salvage piece on the market for a half a million, you could completely DO/SO a character up at level 15, I'm pretty sure.

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