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  1. Well crap! Now I have an idea for a character named Halcyon Daze.
  2. How did you get mids to do this? I haven't found an update.
  3. I would think SR would fare a bit better.
  4. I wonder how much of a difference it would make with basic IOs.
  5. Male carnies would be a throng. Female carnies would be a thong.
  6. It meant cartoons were over and it was time to go outside and play.
  7. The music from the login screen when we first got to come home. It was a sound and a feeling.
  8. I wish they could put the flight poses in as a flight customization option.
  9. I got it two times im a row during a SSB.
  10. They really need to look at the other epic pools. Gloom should not be the end all be all of attack powers nor should it be better than the majority of all attack primaries. and secondaries.
  11. The one good thing about regen is that in the end game it makes all your team mates who took powers that give defense and resist to group mates useful and needed.
  12. You can make a pretty viable stone armor character without granite armor. You really need to optimize your IOs.
  13. I really need to go through this thread and list which sets come up the most. I am curious if there is a trend.
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