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  1. Cats like to abbreviate anyways. Catastrophe was too long.
  2. Boba Fett was a punk. He was designed as a punk and went out like a punk. It is only people with a serious Boba Fettish that made him into something he never was.
  3. I prefer fire/ice. Ice gets its sustain aura at level 10 with some nice effects along with the other nice powers /ice gets
  4. Mace to the face does have a nice ring to it!
  5. Grant cover is another place to stick a LotG +recharge in.
  6. When I was thinking about making a tank, i made up an ice build that seemed pretty good, but I hear ice is bad for brutes as it slows down fury gain. Another build I made on Justin as a tanker was shield. You actually swing the hammers with one hand.
  7. I am looking to make a brute tank using stone melee for the kd and lulz. Why a brute tank instead of a tanker tank? DPS. I figure it is much easier to make a brute into a tank than it is to make a tanker into a dps machine. My two questions are: Which secondary fits best for my goal? Are there any skipable powers from stone or your suggested secondary? Thanks.
  8. I will take melee with a side order of kinetics.
  9. I figure that since most sets give you 10 points of kb protection, I would shoot for at least that. Karma has the other kb io in it and there are sets that give 3 pts as a set bonus.
  10. Doesn't Intuition also boost defense or is it nerve? Which ever one it is I think doesn't have recharge on it.
  11. My problem is that I get caught up in the numbers. I see the resist cap and defense soft caps and try to reach all of them along with having a heal that is around 20 seconds or lower. I am not sure it can be done effectively on a brute. I have been trying with a stone/dark which also means I have to also worry about end.
  12. How do you rate the need for a good reliable heal (recharge 0f 20 or less seconds after haste) in relation of resist and defense layering? Of course having a good heal is great, but that limits you to certain armors and dark melee(?) . This is what got me thinking about a tank character after all. I would do random summer events, trails and TFs and sometimes have no tank and struggle or have no heals or buff/debuffs and struggle. I decided I would make a tank that could heal itself and hopefully have some good buffs or debuffs.
  13. If you are asking what I think you are, you can hover your mouse over the edge of the UI and drag it into a bigger size. I tend to drag the bottom to get everything in the window without needing to scroll.
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