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  1. I would love to see a power called Compel Allegiance. "Oh Mr Tsoo Sorcerer! Would you mind huricaning the crap out of those guys?" "Not at all boss" "Um Chiang, What are you doing?" "Arrrgggg!!!!!!" It is called Mind Control though it plays more as Sleep Aid.
  2. Maybe a power like the DAoC sorceror had that allowed you to make almost any mob into a controllable pet for a while. Kind of like confuse, but with pet controls. It could last anywhere from 5 minutes or until you zoned.
  3. Mind control's lack of a pet is not its problem. It that it's signature power is eclipsed by a level 8 power in plant control.
  4. The Powergirl boob window would also gather air in and come out by her legs making a farting sound when she flys.
  5. I don't know how much longer these invasions are going to last, but I would love to see other invasion mobs than Rikti.
  6. It also gave people more badges to get. It is mostly for the powers and which one you want. The villain power fully recharges domination for example.
  7. Looks like she will have to Thai some loose ends up.
  8. Use to the dancers would change every time I went into Pocket D, but since the update they seem static.
  9. I made an EA/elect defender which solos pretty good. Drop faraday cage for resists and status protection, and go to town. I make a game of whether I can drain a boss of endurance before he falls.
  10. I would love to see a breakdown of armor sets and what end game problems they would have and what could be done to work around them. Like I know SR is ok until it gets one shot by an auto hit block of cheeze in an ITF, but not what else does that. I assume that in the ITF it is en/ne damage from one of the fluffies. To work around that I made a SR tank build with base 50%ish s/l and en/ne resists before scaling kicks in. I am curious what other problems each set would face other than no DDR.
  11. Even Dante couldn't conceive that level of hell.
  12. On my scrapper, I put the +50% chance for crit ATO proc in TF and smile when I see it pop because I know ET is about to delete something.
  13. How are you getting it to do facial markings? I don't remember seeing options for that under paint.
  14. Tanks have been soloing ITF on max difficulty for a while now.
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