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  1. If you throw a bolero a few times st Recluse he will at least look more fashionable.
  2. I always thought von meant you were Knighted and van meant one of your ancestors was Knighted.
  3. I only use that one when I am looking for a laugh.
  4. Make dp/mc blaster. You will still get mezzed, but you will look too good to care. Hey guys! Look what I can do while asleep!
  5. Maybe after scaling resists kick in, but before that you can be 1 shot by some things, though you can get your base up enough to survive it. I think I have a build where I did that with most if not all resists.
  6. People seem to forget that most of the players have little to no DDR and can easily go from soft cap to floor mat in seconds. That is where the def and resist shield shine. The game makes sure your protections have at least one hole. Sure SR doesn't have to worry about most attacks, until they are flattened by an auto hit block of cheese the size of a Buick. I bet they wish for some resist shields then.
  7. I wonder if they can code it to not show what the WST is once you have done it on that character or have it show as a different color.
  8. I am not 'as old as the hills', but I remember when they were much younger.
  9. Actually no. This was the early 90s when the internet as we know it today did not exist. It was just some BBS sites and where one meg was a hefty download. Still though, there are situations where someone can go a long time without being able to log in.
  10. You can't fully turn off bio. There is still that Pigpen cloud around you. You could color it a dull yellow and claim its pollen.
  11. I didn't when I was deployed to Panama for 3 months.
  12. I would love to recolor them or as the Brits say recolour them.
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