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  1. To me the only way to do a valid comparison for attack sets is to start with a base to see how they stand. That would be using level 50 IOs with an acc, end, damx3, and a recharge in each attack. I feel IO sets skew the base data since some AT sets fair much better with slotting them. Once you have the base, then you can make a valid comparison and see how sets and procs change that.
  2. Scuze me while I kiss this guy. Jimmy Hendrix There's a bathroom on the right. CCR
  3. It seems to me that for major resist sets, since defense is there to slow down you getting hit and not prevent it due to no defense debuff protection, that the rest of the debuff protection become more important like -tohit and -endurance. I have had a level 30 willpower tanker on test get drained three times of endurance in one fight against Freakshow. I have had other tankers get a nice -tohit that left me doing nothing but spending endurance trying to attack. So it seems to me that there are several layers on protection a tank can use: Defense Resistance Status Protection Debuff Protection Healing The question I have is how to you apply a ratio to each especially with resist sets? Defense sets like SR are easier. You get your defense up with enough resist for the few hits that get through and you status protection the all tanker sets give. Healing may not even be needed and debuff protection to the non defense debuffs isn't that important as you most likely will not get hit enough for it to tank your tohit or endurance..
  4. How do I get the planner to show the same numbers as it does in game. For instance, the game shows Chain Induction on the stalker I have on test as doing 546.99 average damage while the planner shows 382.5 with assassination clicked on. The only one that is close is Zapp which is 731.59 in game and 736.8 in the planner. Here is the build. Electric EA - Stalker (Electrical Melee).mxd
  5. Most armor sets do not protect against -tohit. They told my character that when I woke up in the hospital.
  6. As I understand it, the PT proc has a 50% chance to go off every 10 seconds in an a passive power like stamina. The more passives you put it in, the more chances you gave of it going off with 4 passives being around 97% proc chance every 10 seconds. Slotting it in attacks gives it a separate chance to proc though if it procs from a passive at the same time as you attack can override the attack's proc.
  7. I wouldn't eat any special sauce that came from someone named Spanky no matter how hard it is to get.
  8. I have been leveling my test server characters to 22 first, since that to me is the first major point where the base IOs become usefull. I run around Talos and see how different aspects of the build work before I bump it up to 50 and go into the level 54 area of DA.
  9. What do people think if the new electrical affinity set? I am thinking about making a character with it.
  10. How do you handle your endurance use being almost equal to your recovery?
  11. Right now I am messing around with a savage/SR on the test server and I plan to try it with /energy. I went into DA into the level 54 area to test it. I found a level 54 Ravager boss with a few others. I hit my assault radial, BU and savage leap. This is what happened.
  12. There are fights in CO like the event bosses, where if you do not block, you die. Some where if you did not buy a block power and rank it up, you will die. There are a lot of things I do like about CO like the power armor set, some of the travel powers like swinging and a lot of the character creation options like material for each costume bit (cloth, leather and metal), accessories for the upper arm and thigh. Auras that only cover your clothing. Here is some examples.
  13. A question for electric melee users. You pop into a group with LR and then AS the boss. Hide procs so you are hidden again. Then what? Other sets have a big hitter that is great when hidden. What do you use when AS is down?
  14. I used to see how much air I could get. We need an area with no ceilings.
  15. If it could get there for other melee sets then it would be a good way to laugh at SS's rage crash.
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