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A few simple questions:


I am looking for a map to use which might feature the steps in front of the coin in King's Row. Is there and AE map for that? WHY NOT?!


I was also hoping to include War Witch as an NPC, but did not find her under the Freedom Phalanx. I guess not every trainer/signature character is available? Or is there another category to find them?


OH AND I THOUGHT the "everyone on the map speaks all at once" glitch was fixed, but as of my first playtest this morning that was not the case. Any suggestions to delay the speaking of these lines? Maybe just avoid all idle comments???


Maybe more questions as I progress through the arc I'm writing.

I drawed things:

Gallery of my CoH Pantheon

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There are a lot of maps that are not in AE and several that are, are buggy. (Like not being able to place anyone in the back room of some serpent and freakshow maps if i recall). Not sure I have ever seen the coin in King's Row on a mission though, so if it does not exist there, it would not exist in AE.


As to war witch, she is pretty easy and fun to create - and then you get to choose which fire and ice powers to showcase. I used her in a mission too. The only thing I could not get right was her striped hair, but otherwise, she came out well.

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