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Tell me about Costume Swapping


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I have several role-playing ideas for costume stuff, and was wondering how the mechanics of them would work.


One is the classic 'Clark Kent', where you have a different costume for you day job.  I gather there are now special transitions one can use to switch between them, ala Diana Prince / WonderWoman's twirl?  How does one get to those?


How many costume slots can one reasonably get at level 20?


I have an idea for a Mimic character, who would often appear to look like the mob he's fighting -- he'd use every costume slot available to look like a Hellion, Tsoo, Lost, Skyraider, etc., and switch to that costume whenever he's fighting that character.


I also thought about having a Mastermind who looked the same as his dominant summoned allies -- and in RP terms, he's duplicating himself.  I haven't played a Mastermind -- how would this work with the various summons that each Mastermind class has?  What type of summon might work well this, this could be well replicated in the character creator?





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There are ten total costume slots, and I think you have to unlock four of them, so you should have six to start with.


At level 20, you can run a mission in Steel Canyon Icon to unlock a costume slot.  It's the owner at the back, Serge.


At level 30, you can run a mission with the Icon owner in Independence Port to open a slot.


At level 40, you can run a mission with the Icon owner in Founder's Falls to open a slot.


You can also unlock a slot by turning in Halloween salvage to the witch in Croatoa, near the Train Platform.  We don't have any Halloween salvage on the server right now so this is not possible yet.


There are similar missions with the tailors Red Side.  I want to say two of them are run from the tailor shop in Cap Au Diable and the third is in St. Martial, and the witch is on an island in Nerva Archipelago.  There's also a witch in Praetoria somewhere.


Anyway, it's possible to unlock your last slot by switching sides and doing one of the missions from the other side, so you don't really need Halloween salvage to unlock all of your slots.


When you open your costume slots page to switch costumes (it's one of the options from the main pull-down menu), you will see at the bottom that you can select from a collection of different costume change emotes.  Unfortunately when you have this window open you don't usually get to see the full costume change emote, but there are ways to create a keybind or macro that will accomplish the same thing so you can do it quickly and see it happen.


Hope that helps.


I had a character once named Medieval Crisis, who was ten different Medieval/Fantasy heroes or anti-heroes.  It was a broad sword/shield scrapper, and the various costumes represented things like a Black Knight, a Holy Knight Lady, an Elfin Knight, a Dwarven Knight, an Orc Warrior, a Zulu or African Warrior, a Dark Elf Warrior, a Barbarian Warrior, Magical Girl Soldier, etc.  I did some pretty good costumes to match, and which hero you got was just up to chance (or my mood, heh).  I think I actually had more than 10 ideas for costumes for the character, and so would swap out a couple of them every once in a while.



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I made a character that is more fun that I thought it was going to be called Captain Marvels. Marvels being plural. Basically during combat it turns into every incarnation of a character that used the name Captain Marvel. The original Billy Batson, I have Mary Marvel (A bit of a cheat but I wanted to balance the Marvel comics version), I have the original Marvel Comics version of Captain Marvel or Mar-Vell. I have the Danvers version of Captain/Ms Marvel, I have the original female Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau, I even have a very obscure version that of a character that was able to split his limbs off. So at level 1 I was able to put in 4 costumes at once which includes gender changes if you go to the surgeon. I had to open one slot and found out there is a limit of free costume changes for a bit.

But if you want to have a secret identity character be sure to look up the macros on how to switch costumes with effects. I did one video that does this but it triggers when they fly showing an alternate costume with wings. You want the CCE command which has a cool transition option as opposed to the CC command which just change costumes with no frills. Just remember the first slot you is slot 0.

It might be an interesting side diversion if they came up with some missions for secret identities. IE Peter Parker having to go out take pictures of something (then something happens that needs Spiderman) kinds of things.


Not sure if it's poossible but it would be cool if they could figure out a way to bring in speach synthesis into the game for characters to talk in audio. I heard some speech synthesis that is good enough at times to fool people to think it is a person at times.

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you can create macros or keybinds to quickly change costumes and use an emote...


First decide what emote you want...there is definitely a lightning flash as one of them.  To discover this, go to Menu->Costumes.  Click the emote you want to try out.  Click any costume in the screen, and then close the window quickly...


Once you've decided on an emote, go here to the get the emote name - https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Emotes#Costume_Change_Emotes


The bind or macro looks like this

/bind [key] cce [costume slot #, 1st costume is 0, 2nd costume is 1, etc] [ccemote name]

/macro [macroname] cce [costume slot #, 1st costume is 0, 2nd costume is 1, etc] [ccemote name]


If you really want to go crazy...you can add text as well...note the addition of quotes, and the "l" after the $$ which means put the text in local chat

/bind [key] "cce [costume slot #, 1st costume is 0, 2nd costume is 1, etc] [ccemote name]$$l [text here]"

/macro [macroname] "cce [costume slot #, 1st costume is 0, 2nd costume is 1, etc] [ccemote name]$$l [text here]"


So putting it all together as bind

/bind NUMPAD7 "cce 0 CCLightning$$l Shazam!"

/macro CC1 "cce 1 CCLightning$$l Shazam!"


The bind will change you to whatever is in your 1st Costume Slot, the Macro, just to be contrary, will change you to your 2nd costume slot.


Hope this helps!

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