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Blaster Secondary - Ninja Training - Shinobi


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In addition to https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,3654.msg26153.html#msg26153, this ability also doesnt follow its own guideline for the increased damage.


It says you can deal the increased damage every 30 seconds (assuming you are able to get out of combat and hidden) this is not the case. It takes 30 seconds from the end of combat before the damage boost will be applied.


Example - You attack from Shinobi, you gave 50% damage increase, you fight for a minute and then go back into stealth, you SHOULD as a matter of course have the damage boost as soon as you stealth as its been much longer than 30 seconds between stealth hits. What actually happens is You attack from Shinobi, you gave 50% damage increase, you fight for a minute and then go back into stealth and wait for another 20 seconds to get the damage boost back.


This renders the ability somewhat lacking given its a unique way to give build up to the powerset yet for all intents and purposes it requires you to do NOTHING for 30 seconds before getting your damage boost back.

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I have zero idea what the heck Shinobi is doing.  I would assume that its damage buff has some sort of internal logic to it, but I'll be darned if I can figure out what it is.  I'll range from single digits up to 60% with no apparent rhyme or reason.  It's not dependent on being hidden; when I go back into stealth the Damage Buff monitor doesn't change.  And oddly I wind up with stats in the middle somehow, like sometimes it'll be 43%; I'd think there would only be a couple legit values for it.  


This is an integral part of the Ninja Training set, maybe the most important power, if it's not working right it really should be looked at.

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