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Task force suggestion - optional death cap

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Many of the task force are too easy. Even if you group is under powered or playing poorly and dying left and right, you can still grind out task forces because the mobs do not re-spawn.


As an option, add a bonus for TFs completed under a certain number of deaths. Or a huge bonus with a failure option if X deaths are reached.


It will add more teammate care and consideration and make fights more exciting. Right now if some trigger happy teammate dies 10 times, no one cares.





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Some of the harder TF's already have badges for this...No temp powers and no defeats...


Lady Grey

Ms. Liberty

Lord Recluse

5th Column



Here's a full list of badges you can get for doing especially well on certain TF and Trials:


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Thank you for that information.


I was thinking more along the lines, no more than X deaths.


Less all or nothing, allow for Murphy's law.


The fact that they already tracks deaths means the code is already available. Just need to enhance it for other TFs.



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This is why the people I run with do task forces on +4x8...even if only 3-4 of us :) There are already mechanics/methods to make them more difficult. FYI... if your team is already wiping a lot... making it more difficult seems silly. Think maybe you just need to team with better players who actually challenge themselves by doing max reputations for task forces.

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