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Savage Melee

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So I was playing Savage Melee and honestly really enjoying it. I decided to look up the numbers for the set on City of Data (via the wayback machine), when I realized the set was very different between the two (but the version on CoD does match Paragonwiki and the version in the Issue 24 files that are part of Titan's Icon program).


For starters, the description for the set states that Blood Frenzy grants +Damage and +EndDiscount, but in game, it seems to actually grant +Recharge and +EndDiscount.


Also, it describes the Blood Frenzy builders as Savage Strike, Maiming Slash, Vicious Slash and Savage Leap


While in-game, the builders seem to be Savage Strike, Maiming Slash, Shred, Blood Thirst, Vicious Slash and Savage Leap


Similarly, it describes the Blood Frenzy consumers as Shred, Rending Flurry, Blood Thirst and Hemorrhage


While in-game they seem to just be Hemorrhage and Rending Flurry


Both City of Data and Paragonwiki both describe Blood Thirst as a Heal+HoT, while in-game it just seems to be Build Up+5 Blood Frenzy stacks.


Also, all versions of Savage Strike in-game reference Tanker's Bruising ability.


Anyway, my main question is... is the Savage Melee set we're playing the one implemented by the original developers and it simply went through a large amount of changes internally (i.e. not yet part of the Issue 24 files that were on the Test Server) before the game shutdown was announced? Or is this a version rebalanced by the SCORE engineers and these text bugs are just oversights?


This is not a judgement of any kind, I'm just really curious!

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