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  1. This is the intended behavior and replaced the old functionality in Issue 18. In PvP, it still works the old way, which is also intended. The description was never updated. For clarity, it only adds bonus Fire damage to attacks in Melee Damage sets, so it wouldn't affect Fiery Aura itself, pool powers, or Epic/Patron powers.
  2. Have you checked to see if the effects still works correctly with different customization options or with the original appearance? This has happened with a few other powers before, and it's usually that one of the customization options has broken, not the actual power itself. Verifying that would likely help in finding the cause of the bug that needs fixing.
  3. I also want to make sure it's clear that using Amp Up on an ally will not make the heals the caster uses on that ally stronger or the heals that chain off that ally stronger. Amp Up used on an ally will only boost the heals the ally uses themselves that don't have enhanceable +Resistance to damage. For clarity, Amp Up, or really any Power Boost/+Special power, enhances the strength of effects, it does not provide the effect. By that I mean, Amp Up will not grant Absorption or Endurance, or increase ToHit or RunSpeed on it's own. Rather, if you use it on an ally and they use their own power with those effects, they will most likely be much stronger than usual. Think of it as granting them temporary Enhancements in their powers.
  4. I missed it, but in the OP, the power does show "strength to absorption", so that's why Absorb is buffed. I didn't notice it because it wasn't green lol. Still, I just wanted it to be clear that the "strength to healing" line only affects actual heals.
  5. The "strength to Defense" is only to the Base Defense attribute, which is only used by Defense Debuffs and Defense Debuff Resistance. If Amp Up worked on Defense buffs, you would see "strength to defense" listed an additional 10 times, one for each of the other 10 Defense attributes (Melee, Ranged, AoE, Lethal, Smashing, Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative Energy and Psionic). "Strength to Healing" only affects true Heals; not Absorb, not MaxHP, and not Regeneration. This has always been the case with Power Boost/+Special powers. Admittedly it's a bit confusing because all 4 attributes are improved by Healing enhancements, but in this case it just means Heals. If it buffed the others, it would say "Strength to Regeneration," "Strength to Absorb," etc. Power Boost/+Special powers also do not work on heal powers (or any powers, really) that also have enhanceable +Resistance (such as Healing Flames or Reconstruction).
  6. Trickshooter


    I'm pretty sure Castle was a Fire/Fire Blaster, since part of the reason he was hired was his ideas for a Fire Manipulation revamp.
  7. It makes sense for Defender Elec Blast to drain more, sure, and according to the Issue 4 Patch Notes, it's intended. However, I don't think it was ever actually implemented. This was something brought up many times back in the day, and the old devs never commented on it and left it as is for 7 years. And I know that it was an issue presented to them, at least twice, by me, personally. Now, I've said myself that this doesn't necessarily mean that they felt one way or another about the performance of a set, but this is a little different. This isn't a debate of whether Elec Blast underperforms or not; the issue here is that Elec Blast specifically does not perform as we've been told it should, which would make this a bug. But they never acted like it was a bug that needed to be fixed.
  8. Not sure what being solo has to do with the point you're trying to make? Corruptors are already where they're intended to be: in-between Blasters and Defenders in both Damage and Survivability. I don't think you're going to convince many people that Corruptors need to be more survivable than Defenders (just like you wouldn't expect them to be more damaging than Blasters). You could make an argument about where exactly they fall in-between Defenders and Blasters, and if they should be buffed in one way or another, but how well they perform is pretty much always going to be clamped between those two. For reference though, Corruptors already have Scrapper-level Self-Damage Resistance values, and better-than-Scrapper-level Self-Defense values.
  9. I don't know about the Discharge effect, but +Special/Power Boost effects will only buff attributes that are already enhanceable. Animate Stone does not accept Hold Enhancements, which likely means his Seismic Smash cannot inherit the +Hold Duration from Amp Up. It should be able to affect the Stun Duration of his Stone Fist, though.
  10. There are EndDrain modifiers, but for some reason, Electrical Blast doesn't use them in PvE. It's a longstanding issue and it's never been clear if this was intentional or a bug.
  11. Adrenal Boost only buffs the "Base Defense" attribute, which is only used by Defense Debuffs and Defense Debuff Resistance (and technically PFF). This is intentional.
  12. You're on a Corruptor, so that second 30.26 damage line is just the damage Scourge will do when it happens.
  13. Defender's have a 1.25 modifier, Corruptors (and Controllers) have a 1.1 modifier, every other AT has a 1.0. Edit: This is for Ranged EndDrain. The Melee table for EndDrain has Masterminds and Corruptors reversed (along with several other melee table mods, as mentioned in the last thread, and I hope that wasn't missed). Doesn't really come in to play really, these ATs rarely use the melee tables for support mods. Edit 2: Also, Dominators oddly have a 1.1 modifier, but only on the Melee table.
  14. It should take Hold sets. What set are you trying to slot? And what level is your character?
  15. I have checked none of these in-game, they're just based on what I know of the AT modifiers: -Regeneration: There are no modifiers for this. -Damage, -ToHit: These already followed the AT modifiers, only the heal didn't because it was the only part handled by the psuedopet. Heal: IF it follows the modifiers now, and the scale is kept the same, Controllers and Corruptor's should Heal for 210.15 at level 50 (down from 238.81), Masterminds should Heal for 191.05 at 50 (down from 209.9). -Speed/Jump/Fly: Controller's should remain the same (-90%), they share Slow mods with Defenders. Corruptor and Mastermind would be -72%. -Resistance: Controllers, Corruptors and Masterminds should be at -22.5% (down from -30%). I don't know about Dark Servant. I guess someone should test him. He has several powers that could be affected by inheriting caster mods, but only his Twilight Grasp is mentioned, so maybe his powers stay the same and only the Heal changed to match the caster's version. In my old spreadsheet, I have his powers at the following values pre-Sunset: Chill of the Night: -30% ToHit Darknest Night: -30% Damage, -15% ToHit Twilight Grasp: -5% ToHit, -10% Damage, -50% Regeneration, I don't have the old Heal value saved Petrifying Gaze: 11.92s Hold (Mag3)
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