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  1. I can't really find definitive dates for when the Paragon Dance Party was added. Pocket D was added late in Issue 6, I think. I see a patch note saying it was added to the zone search in Issue 7, so it was either 6 or 7. If someone knows for sure, I'll add it. The monorail merger is already on the list. It was in Issue 19.
  2. I think Vanden pointed it out somewhere, but Burn doesn't seem to limit itself to summoning a single Burn patch; it might be summoning one for each target in range. And since activating Burn also technically targets the caster (for the Immob protection), it probably always summons at least 2.
  3. Gravity Control was actually not part of that change; it's Immobilizes have never caused -KB/KU. That was an intentional design choice by the original devs since so much of Gravity relies on knock* effects compared to other sets and the AoE Immobs are so spammable. Similarly, Elec Control's AoE Immob also never caused -KB/KU either, to prevent it from messing up Jolting Chain and the Gremlins. That change here on Homecoming to Immobs was just to give the other sets that have a Knock* soft controls (Bonfire, Ice Slick, Earthquake, Carrion Creepers) the same benefit Gravity and Elec already had. As far as the Gravity Hold causing -KB, honestly I would say that could change, only because if you're distorting gravity around someone to make them float, they should honestly be MORE susceptible to knockback. 😁
  4. Just gonna reply to a couple of these: This is because you're viewing it as a Controller, who likely have a lower modifier for ally defense buffs than the Lore Pets do (looks like the support pets might share theirs with Defenders). Divide the value you see by 0.75 and you'll see the actual value (or just change the AT to Defender). This is a very old bug, but it's because of the way the power works. Twilight Grasp summons a pet for 1 second at the caster's feet to cause the heal, which in 1 second would have time to fire twice, except that the heal is delayed to accomodate the animation, which makes sure it only happens once. It's difficult to make the power info box understand that, though. Like Field Projector, this is because you're viewing it as a Controller. If the support Lore Pets do share their mods with Defenders, then the tool tip and detailed info would match up if you switched the AT to Defender.
  5. Sorry, I flubbed my math. A 16s recharge ST attack would actually do 2.92 scale damage, while Thunder Strike does 2.354 scale damage. However, if Thunder Strike was balanced as an AoE attack, it would do 1.04 scale damage at 16s recharge. It's probably originally balanced as ST, but scaled back because of the Stun chance, more than because of the AoE damage. I would agree that it could probably use some reworking. I'm kind of curious if Electricity Assault was completely untouched in this patch, or if it's patch notes just got lost.
  6. Countdown, not cooldown. 5 seconds till it explodes.
  7. I am not an expert at binds, but something about the + in my bind makes it work, and in only a single button press, I'm pretty sure, but I couldn't tell you why. If someone is willing to check, I'd be grateful. 😁
  8. Unless something has changed, Dominator's Thunder Strike does damage as if it's a ST attack. It does about 2% less damage than it should for it's recharge time if it were a true ST attack. It's endurance cost though is calculated for an AoE attack, a problem it shares with the Blaster/Defender versions, but was corrected for the Brute/Tanker/Scrapper/Stalker versions waaaay back when.
  9. I'm not home so I'm going off memory, but I think I use this: /bind t "+$$targetcustomnext Oil Slick$$powexecname Taser Dart" That should select Oil Slick and throw Taser Dart with one button press.
  10. It's not a typo, the problem is that it's using the Ranged Knockback tables which makes it scale by AT and level. It should be using the Ranged Ones tables, which is what is typically used to make sure KD powers stay Knockdown.
  11. Are some of your attacks set to NoRedraw? If you mix Original and NoRedraw animations, I believe you will have to redraw your Claws anytime you try to use an Original animation after a NoRedraw animation. Double check that all of your attacks are either Original or NoRedraw.
  12. I replaced all my Sonic Blast sounds with the Talons of Vengeance Siren's attack sounds. It's hilariously over the top and I love it.
  13. If this was in response to me, then I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my response, but the base damage of Cross Punch is 1.27 damage scale, before Punch and Kick's bonuses are added. The Containment/Scourge/Critical Hit/Assassination damage lines are only doing 0.76 damage scale, which is exactly Punch's base damage, which makes me think this is a bug. It's funny because in this case, the special mechanic damage (the bonus from owning Punch and Kick) is being factored in, but the base damage it's multiplying is incorrect.
  14. For sure. I just sympathize with being in a position where every decision will upset someone. It's easy to let it get you down, but they're doing a good job and I wanted them to know.
  15. Thanks for the update and the transparency. Also, I'd like to say sorry to the volunteers running all this for us. We are an exhausting fanbase and I'm not sure I could stay as positive as you guys have.
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