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  1. It's 60 ft range. Of all the T9s that do upfront base scale 4 damage, it is the only one that isn't a PBAoE.
  2. At work so I can't check anything myself, but not sure why it wouldn't affect Unleash Potential's Defense buff off the top of my head. Link Minds has never been able to be affected by power boost effects, it has always been flagged to ignore outside buffs/debuffs because damage buffs would interact with it's psionic resistance. This has been the case since Link Minds was created. Power boost effects have also never affected regen buffs; it's worded a bit poorly, but they buff heal strength, so just true heals (that aren't flagged to ignore outside buffs, like Reconstruction), not necessarily any power that accepts healing enhancements.
  3. My opinion on Oil Slick Arrow, for what it's worth, is that if the fire was some kind of "bonus," and not something intended to be used everytime, then maybe the power shouldn't be balanced around it. As of right now, though, it is. Without the fire, Oil Slick Arrow is a weaker version of Ice Slick that costs more endurance and takes twice as long to recharge. Now, Oil Slick Arrow on a 90s timer sounds insane to me, so if we keep the 180s recharge, then I think a good compromise might be what Vanden said: have the oil automatically light after a delay, but leave the option to light it sooner. That way the player always has access to the effects that warrant the recharge and endurance cost. In the grand scheme of things, though, this doesn't really improve Trick Arrows in any meaningful way. I agree that Entanging Arrow, Flash Arrow and Ice Arrow could use improvements, but honestly nearly every power in the set needs a bit of sprucing up, though some issues are very small compared to others.
  4. Don't think this was ever the case. As far as I'm aware, the oil has always lasted 30 seconds, and the fire lasts 15 seconds. If your intention is to use it to do damage, it's almost always best to light it as soon as possible; wait too long and the fire could outlast the oil and enemies can easily run out of it.
  5. The Endurance effect from Aid Self when you own Field Medic is an Endurance-over-Time (possibly the first and only power with this?), not a recovery or max endurance buff. It ticks 5 times over 8.1 seconds for 5% of your max endurance every 2 seconds. If anything, the real bug is that it shows up in the combat attribute monitoring at all.
  6. Trick Arrow is more potent for a Defender; the Corruptor version is a bit worse as a secondary than other sets due to a few issues. Its two Resistance debuffs stack to get you a whopping -30% to 10 foes in an 8 foot radius, whereas shared pseudopets in other sets allow them to hit -30% against 16 foes in 15+ foot radii with just a single power. Also, more than other sets, the effects in Trick Arrow use modifiers that are the same between Corruptors and Masterminds (Mezzes, Slows and Resistance debuffs), which makes much of Corruptor TA perform no better than a Mastermind using it. On the Archery side, the Corruptor version is definitely better, but it's a pretty good AoE set for either archetype. Scourge works on all of Archery, including Rain of Arrows, but only works on Acid Arrow's tiny Toxic Dot for Trick Arrow, I think. Trick Arrow itself might not necessarily help hitting the defense softcap or resistance caps, but the Defender itself does. Defender's share mods for self +Defense/+Resistance powers with Tankers, which means powers like Tough, Weave, Combat Jumping, Hover and the Epic/Patron armors function at Tanker values.
  7. Just a thing to keep in mind, it's possible to summon a different pet based on whether Domination is active or not. Dark's AoE Hold works this way, already. So it would be possible to make both Blind's Sleep AoE and Spectral Terror benefit from Domination, as well. Possibly also make a version of Phantom Army with stronger Taunts while in Domination? The two big issues with Illusion for Dominators (to me, anyway) are: A) Dominators are more damage-focused ATs than Controllers, so do they need Group Invisibility? And B) Dominators definitely don't need Spectral Wounds. Make new Domination-only pets and solve those two issues and it would be a fine Dominator set. Though, I believe the original dev stance was that if Illusions was ever going to be proliferated to a Villain AT, it would have been Masterminds.
  8. The set bonuses say they improve Healing, not that they act as global Heal Enhancements. They grant Heal Strength, which is only one of the attributes of a Heal Enhancement, the others being Regeneration, MaxHP and Absorb. Like Vanden said, this is not really a bug; these set bonuses are acting as advertised, though I understand how it might seem like it doesn't make sense. Admittedly, all of this could use better documentation in-game. Ultimately, though, your issue is more of a quality of life thing, and would probably be better in the Suggestions forum.
  9. I wish I could find a video of the original Kinetic Melee sounds. Right before the set went Live, they changed them all to the racecar melee sounds we have now and I'll never understand why.
  10. Based on the history of their Paragonwiki page, they've been spawning in Atlas Park (and Galaxy City while it was around) since at least mid-2007.
  11. I don't know about the +Range, because I honestly didn't know that was a thing on Blaster snipes. If I had to guess, maybe it was originally added as a way to improve snipes, and now it's unnecessary so it was removed? Either a bug or a missing patch note, I guess. Regarding Fast/Slow snipe, you're misunderstanding the patch notes, I think. If you've been out of combat for 8 seconds, your snipe will be the higher-damage slow version; if you've been in combat in the last 8 seconds, your snipe will be the lower-damage fast version. +ToHit now just increases the base damage of the fast version. The Experienced Marksman proc makes it so that your snipe will always be the fast version, even out of combat.
  12. For clarity, both powers roll a tohit check when activated, but only Dark Consumption’s is reported because it doesn’t have entities that are autohit. For Dark Consumption, if that roll is successful, all effects of the power happen at once. If it fails, none happen. For Consume, if that hidden roll is successful, all effects of the power happen at once. If it fails, then only the Res(Recovery) is granted. Consume is set up this way so that a fiery aura player will always at least get the debuff protection. They otherwise function effectively the same.
  13. I can only guess, but that message might be automatically generated when a power has an EntsAutoHit valued assigned. So in this case, Consume does have Foe listed as being autohit by the power, so the game would think that this message is appropriate, but each effect except the Res(Recovery) is individually flagged to only occur if you succeed a ToHit check.
  14. It technically is, but each effect is still flagged with a tohit check.
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