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Three Months


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It was three months ago today that City of Heroes: Homecoming launched, and took off like a rocket.  No matter what may occur in the future, I just want to thank the Homecoming team for bringing City of Heroes back to the public, and giving me a chance to revisit the second home that I thought I had lost for the past three months and reconnect with lost friends.  For that I am, and will continue to be, very grateful.

To City of Heroes, City of Heroes: Homecoming, and the Homecoming team!

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I am finally back home, and I could hardly be happier. I struggle with far too many issues in life, and this game was always one of the best ways I found to center myself and feel... peace, relief, relaxation, ...just too many positive emotions to list. Losing it was like losing my 'safe place', the one place I always knew I could go and feel like everything was alright. I cannot express enough how much having this game back means to me. Anyone reading this who had any part in this, or has any part in continuing to keep it going, please know that you (yes, YOU) had a sincere (albeit unknowing) part in improving my own personal quality of life, and you have my sincere and joyous thanks!

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