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Either pin all Guides or no Guides at all...

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The new "tags" system in the "guides" subforum is supposed to be there to allow us to easily find what we're looking for. I'm taking inspiration for this from StackExchange, which is a system of forums that are designed to be viewable either by their tags/keywords or in a feed similar to Reddit subreddits.


There doesn't seem to be any real logic to what threads are pinned and what threads are left to their own devices. (I initially presumed they'd be the "meta guides" about guides, or guides about the forums, or info about installing the game, etc., but that isn't the case.) I'm picturing a guides subforum that ditches a "forum" system in favor of a list of all of the tags that have been used in the guides section. When you'd click on a tag you'd get all of the guides that had that tag.


Please swap the usual subforum for a list of all of the tags that have been used, with a click on the tag displaying a list of all threads that used that tag.

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You wrote 'tab' but do you mean tag? It seems like you're asking for a tag cloud of sorts. What you're asking for isn't exactly clear... Can you clarify? 


If you click/tap on any tags it will always bring up a list of threads with that same tag. 

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