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/macro <power> "powexecname <power>$$local nonsense goes here"


You could also use say instead of local, but that's a terrible idea because it will go to whatever your currently active chat is.. Which I have seen too many people spam Help of LFG with their macro/binds.

Just a fair warning, if it's on super frequently used powers, it can annoy the hell out of your teammates.

As an example though, for a Venom inspired brute I might do:

/macro Taunt "powexecname Taunt$$local $target, I am going to eat your face."

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3 hours ago, Zolgar said:

Just a fair warning, if it's on super frequently used powers, it can annoy the hell out of your teammates.

There's a way to deal with this, though, using /bind_load_file

You set up a bunch of separate textfiles, each one with a different catchphrase related to the same power (say, "power1.txt", "power2.txt" "power3.txt", and so on).  Each of those files includes just a single line:

<key> "powexecname <power>$$bind_load_file <filename>$$local <phrase>"

And, the first time you log in to the character, you manually type /bind_load_file <location:filename>".  If that key is your "1" key on the main keyboard?

You press "1", your basic attack fires off, a new bind is registered, the catchphrase is sent to /local.

Every time.  So if you've thought up, say, 4 or 5 things to say with that power?  You won't be spamming the same corny line over and over and over.


You could pad those 4 or 5 out, by adding in files that omit any catchphrase at all.  So, if we're talking about Fire Blast (set and power) ...?


fireblast1.txt ... 1 "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast2.txt$$local Someone asked for a light?"

fireblast2.txt ... 1  "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast3.txt"

fireblast3.txt ... 1 "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast4.txt"

fireblast4.txt ... 1 "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast5.txt$$local Did anyone bring marshmallows?"

fireblast5.txt ... 1  "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast6.txt"

fireblast6.txt ... 1  "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast7.txt"

fireblast7.txt ... 1 "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast8.txt$$local Time to fight fire ... with FIRE!"

fireblast8.txt ... 1 "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast9.txt"

fireblast9.txt ... 1 "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast10.txt"

fireblast10.txt ... 1 "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast11.txt$$local Do you smell someone burning?"
fireblast11.txt ... 1 "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast12.txt"

fireblast12.txt ... 1 "powexecname Fire Blast$$bind_load_file c:\binds\Fireman\fireblast1.txt"


Every third time you used the power, one of the four catchphrases would be said.  And never the same one, twice in a row.

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