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  1. And I think this is the reason for the Op's observation/complaint... there is no real need for communications in the group. You die... BFD. You are not debuffed long term, there is no possible lose of level, and there are easy res's in the group. Even if there is no res in the group, so what, it's not like you are running naked back to the group because your gear is on your corpse (That will disappear along with all of your gear in so many hours if you do not recover it.). Even if the group whipes, again BFD. The mission is an instance so you do not have to make it through the re-spawns, or worry about another group taking the MOB, or the MOB de-spawning, making you wait more hours/days/week before you can encounter it again. Also the game itself has gotten progressively easier, hells even in the Op's example the group did not whipe, so even though they ignored the Team Leads order/suggestion it was still a BFD moment. I used to think that not having the above was a good thing... I'm not so sure anymore, but there is definitely no need for real communications in CoH, so no need for a real Team Leader. This makes things difficult if your training and experience tells you that a Team Leader is supposed to well... lead.
  2. Buffs for a Troller or Corrupter are their secondary powers not their primary. Telling a Troller or Corrupter that they should take powers that do not benefit them is like telling a Scrapper or a Non-tanking Brute that they should take Taunt. Tell this to the Green Lanterns. Support is a MMO Trinity thing, not a Super thing, hells it's not even an RPG thing. The only Supers I can think of that do support are Bubblers and the Mad Scientists who design tech for others, and I dont know any of them that are unable to buff themselves, or dont make tech for themselves. In CoH Buffer/Debuffers were made to not be able to self-buff to fit into a MMO Trinity that the Devs then broke in there bumbling. Even if BDs could buff themselves they would still be the week link in the group because all the other ATs have their own self-buffs, that the BDs' buffs add to, not override. As for soloing, will the ability to self-buff make BDs more powerful then say a Sentinel, another range AT that has a secondary that is all about self buffing? The only purpose I can see for not allowing BDs to self-buff is to make it harder for them to solo thus keeping them chained to the group, which is the Trinity way, not the CoH way.
  3. TO level Es need to go away. Keep the TO to make slotting drops easier, but move their % up to DO level and remove DOs all together. Keep IOs at level 10. This would make the LowB levels a lot easier, which are only easy if you group all the way to SOs. The Acc TO is the only TO I slot, and that is so that I can maintain a 1miss Streakbreaker (90.01%) against +0 MOBS. Question: would SO level Es starting at level 1 really hurt the LowB game, with the limited number of slots available?
  4. Yep... such as this. Miss, SB, miss, SB, miss, SB, hit, hit, miss, SB, miss, SB The probabilities for 2 Misses in a row with a 1miss Streakbreaker are 0.998% to 0.25% The probabilities for 2 Hits in a row are 81% to 90.25% The probabilities for 3 Misses in a row with a 1miss Streakbreaker are 0.0997% to 0.0125% The probabilities for 3 Hits in a row are 72.9% to 85.74% If I've done my math right the probability of the above pattern at 95% Acc is 0.00282%, while the probability for 7 Hits in a row is 69.8%. This is Data, whether You-all choose to discard it is up to you.
  5. I was on a LowB in Port Oaks and saw a player face plant in seconds, while ToTing, they did not even have a chance to run. The Door dropped an even level Boss, Lt and 2 Minions. Even level to the Player that is, they were all purple to me, and they were now free to run around. Not after level 4, unless your running a Brute under steam, or a Stalker using their AS, and using the P2W Es. Because of the MOB ramp up, the low TO/DO values, and the limited number of slots, the closer you get to SO's, the weaker you are compared to the MOBs. Also after level 4 you start seeing more +1s in missions, including +1 Named Lts after level 7. Even if your able to keep Acc to 95%, sometimes it does not matter. I've seen the same power miss multiple times in a row, this is very evident when they are Transfusion and Twilight Grasp, and Transfusion is a 1.20 power. This missing multiple times in a row, even at 95% Acc leads to the next point. It might be driven by math, but it's not about math, it's not even about fun in math, its about having Fun playing a Super. It's irrelevant that the math works... if the Fun is constantly hampered by this math, and the fact that this subject has constantly popped up since the release of CoH, along with the Streakbreaker itself, says there is a problem. Part of the problem I think is that the RNG goes to the hundredth place. 95 is supposed to be the cutoff, but you do not want to roll a 95 because you have 99 chances of failing the roll, while only 1 chance to pass. This is a factor in that it seems the CoH Devs had never heard of KISS. I've been RPGing since AD@D came out, and I understand that an RPG needs some randomness, but if I had a character that I tweaked to only fail on a 1, and I had a 1d20 that constantly rolled 1's, sometimes even multiple times in a row, I would have removed that dice... probably with a hammer. The RPG is not about the 1d20, that's just a tool, it's about the fun you can have pretending to be something your not.
  6. This would be the best option, but from what I gather from the Beta-Tank thread this would be very difficult to do, and not something the CoHH Devs are willing to do... at this time. Of course CoHH being a hobby a CoHH Dev could decide to take up the challenge and have it done next week... not likely, but it could happen.
  7. I would bet upper management told them to add the time, because CoH was a subscription game. To be frank a few seconds at the Tram door is nothing compared to the 20min boat rides of EQ, that could leave you swimming if you disconnected while on the boat. I vote, No Side Note, I would like to see every suggestion with a Yes/No Poll at a minimum.
  8. I can get it at level 2, but that does not change that at level 1, 1 of 2 powers IMO is of limited use while if these 4 powers were swapped, at level 1, 2 of 2 powers would be useful. While the usefulness of these powers are an opinion, a fact is that 95.11% of Defenders, 95.82% of Controllers, 94.90% of Corruptors, and 96.79% of MMs have Regrowth, at lvl 50, where a Heal is of lesser value, than at level 1. The numbers are even higher for Temporal Mending. Another fact is that 100% of Controllers, Corruptors, and MMs have Corrosive Enzymes while only 78.80% of Defenders have it. The % of Defenders that have Time Crawl is even lower. IMO these numbers would be even lower for Controllers, Corruptors, and MMs... probably dramatically lower. There are no "needed" changes in CoHH, it's a fully functional game, and has been for a long time. The metrics are wanted and useful... is the change worth the Devs time, in your opinion.
  9. Added the poll, which should probably be a part of every suggestion.
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure if I would take them or not either, but I was curious what the numbers were when you had the choice. According to Cipher's Power Percentages @ 50 , 78.80% of Nature Affinity Defenders take Corrosive Enzymes and 74.21% of Time Manipulation Defenders take Time Crawl. They are both descent powers, just not powers I should be forced to take, especially as a LowB. I would be curious to know how many Defenders take them as their first choice.
  11. As an Altaholic and a perpetual LowB who Solos, the T1s of these sets frustrate me when I'm playing a Corrupter, Controller, and MM. Not because they are bad powers, but because they are of limited use until you get some recharge for them, recharge your not going to have as a LowB. This while the T2s, which are Heals, are always of use when you are a LowB. I'm not sure how difficult this would be, but I know it can be done, because a Dev did this for the Tank change that is currently being tested.
  12. Really... lets turn an illegal, addictive and dangerous drug into a Temp Power. Is there going to be a chance to be arrested for use? Is there going to be a chance for addiction? Is there going to be a chance for a brain tweak that allows you to see and travel into other dimensions? If so, is there going to be a chance to go Mad because you saw or traveled somewhere you shouldn't have? Are there going to be "accidents" like in The Boys?
  13. Ah, so you did not realize that these which were right under the first opinion statement, the whole separated from my other statements, were what I was using to validate my opinion. So telling me my opinion stinks, in a passive/aggressive way, was the only valid response... right???
  14. I've been following this thread since it was on page one, and IMO Steampunkett is not a Troll and never has been, even when I disagree with her, or when she disagrees with something I have said. Stubborn... oh yeah... a Troll... not a chance. Something to note, this is one of those statements used when you have failed in your argument. It is a passive/aggressive way of saying my opinion stinks.
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