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  1. I would play this AT, and I kind-of already do, with a 2 Pet Beast MM for Bodyguard and the Fighting pool. I used to do the same thing with MM Thugs, because I wanted Pistols, and switched to Corrupter as soon as they got DP. After playing around with MMs I would prefer an Assault primary, I'm liking having at least one fast attack ranged power, and Sorceries attack is to long. It's Attack is a Primary which is going to put it above the Tank to start with. It also has a Support secondary, which is going to give Buffs/Debuffs. The only reason it would be slower than the Tank is because it was given a ridiculously low damage modifier, kind of like the MM. I would prefer an AT that is designed to do what I'm kind-of already doing.
  2. The OP did not ask for advice; they asked for a specific change to the post 50 game for some of their characters, not all of them. The OP is not a NewB, you can tell that from reading their post. Their request is no different than the XP Shut Off that you oh so sweetly told them to use; note, not told them about, but told them to use, something I'm pretty sure they already new about. The XP Shut Off was not part of the game until someone requested it, in the "Suggestion Forum". Personally I do not consider the CoHH Suggestion Forum to be a safe place to make suggestions, it's way to easy to Troll suggestions. I also felt the same about the CoHV Suggestion Forum. Just to reiterate, I'm for the OPs request.
  3. Or better yet there could be a switch to turn off Incarnate xp, Shards and Threads, just as the OP request's. I see nothing game-breaking about this suggestion, and personally I'm really getting tired of reading people's Work-arounds for suggestions, in the Suggestion Forum, instead of reading why the suggestion is a bad idea, though I understand why. It's a lot easier to give unwanted advice then to say they don't want the CoHH Devs to work on someone else's project, because that might take time away from the projects that are important to them. That sounds really childish when you put it that way.
  4. Then the OP's request is not only doable, but should be done, because 42% of the game's levels should not be slammed through, just because they're not fun to do. If you have a reason why the OP's request is not good for the game, then state it. If your reason for rejecting the OP's request is because you don't want the CoHH Devs to work on someone else's project, then state that, at least you'll be honest. Our characters are fricken Sups, and should feel like fricken Sups, whether they are level 1 or level 50.
  5. The problem for me is that the Developer did not sell me a faulty product, NCSoft did, knowing it was a faulty product. I bought it on the premise that it's faults would be fixed over time, that is how MMOs work. Instead NCSoft kept it on life support, making as much money as they felt they could and then shut it down, leaving me with a product that never really worked right, and was now not working at all. As for WildStar, GM Sijin is pretty spot on, and when he says I think he means Fan-fricken-tastic. NCSoft should have been able to keep WildStar running on it's player housing alone.
  6. I was also a part of the Tabula Rasa beta, and you know who this was... NCSoft. Now that being said I felt that the TR Devs were sabotaging their own game with some of the decisions they were making about the game. I had no interest in Auto Assault, but I have no doubt that NCSoft pushed it out to early, and I know they pushed WildStar out early, because I was also in that beta. NCSoft shut down newer MMOs, while Sony was still running EQ, EQ2, hells, Sony even allowed a failed release called Vanguard to make a fairly descent MMO, as long as you like grouping. We know that CoHV was profitable, and I'm pretty sure WildStar was as well. I have no clue about AA and TR, but if Sony could keep ancient MMOs running why couldn't NCSoft. These four NCSoft MMOs were niche MMOs and they were never going to make it big, and they were also western MMOs, and NCSoft has absolutely no loyalty to their western costumers. Thats why not. Sorry, I bought TR and played the first month, and then the last month. Was not happy with what the Devs had done to the game. WildStar I really liked but was burned out on MMOs, so only got back into it just in time for NCSoft to shut it down.
  7. and Auto Assault, and Tabula Rasa, and WildStar. NCSoft is four for four when it comes to Western MMOs they produced. They have earned my distrust. That being said there was no negativity here about Homecoming dealing with NCSoft until you brought it here.
  8. This is not early CoH, Inf is easily made with the AH. As far as out leveling, sure at the start, but you are not going to be making 5 levels in an hour once you get to level 6, not if you run Solo. The MOBs make a major power jump, and your Acc has dropped down to 86% so your missing more often against tougher MOBs... that's 86% against +0s, and you start seeing more +1s in Missions now. I just finished a level 11 Paper Mission, that had a +1 Named Lt, with 2 groups of 3 +1 Minions around them. This was running Solo at +0. Streatsweaping becomes more difficult from 6 on, because your going to need to leave the Starter area, and you are going to start seeing bosses in groups. Even an Yellow Boss will hurt you, a Orange will hurt you bad with the good possibility of faceplanting (Especially if they are hiding around the corner.), Red/Purple will faceplant you. Of course the above is based upon you Soloing, if you group none of it matters. So what your saying is, is it worth your energy and time... I can understand that. It depends on whether you think Solo play is important or not. I'm thinking now that dropping DOs altogether, and raising TOs to the DO percentage would be a better answer. This would make it easier to keep your Es current as you level, and would be easily affordable, even for a NewB. I would still like to see SOs drop for all Missions as a completion reward. Also I would not change IOs at all.
  9. When I say "useless" I mean it adds no measurable advantage to the fight. A 8.35% Damage TO will not reduce the number of attacks it takes to defeat a MOB. A 5% Def Buff or Def Debuff TO will not reduce the number of times I'm hit. It gets worse though because as you level, the MOBs ramp up and the Character falls behind them, and TOs will not bring you up to their level. You will start taking more damage, and you will be required to make more attacks, using more endurance, against +0s. If your a NewB and you pay attention to your game you will try to slot TOs to counter this, but they will not make a difference. I've found that even 2 slotting with Damage TOs makes no measurable difference. The only TO that makes a measurable difference is the Acc TO, and that is because it can keep you at the 1-Miss Streakbreaker, for +0 Minions, with Beginners Luck, up to level 10. Before the Streakbreaker and Beginners Luck they were also mechanically useless. Now maybe if you were able to 3 slot with the same TO type in every power it might make a difference, but you don't have enough slots available for each power. Also another factor as you level up; you start seeing more +1s in Missions, to the point that by level 9/10 you start seeing more +1s than +0s, and can even come across +1 Named Lts. You are facing off against +1s with TOs that did not help against +0s. The -1 adjustment for Missions was put in for a reason. Something to note, DOs only help for a couple of levels, then you start dropping behind the MOBs again, until you can slot with SOs. Of course if all you do is DFB to level 17 then your not going to see any of this. My Opinion TOs need to go away. DOs dropped down to TO place. SOs dropped down to DO place. SOs should be Mission reward. SO+3 should be Arc reward.
  10. So your against the World-wide phenomena called Cosplay? Also, are you the author of Aku Tenshi, or is Aku Tenshii your given name? I believe that the only reason Marvel went after CoH is because they were wanting to make their own MMO. Marvel came out looking petty, and as far as I can tell they lost the Lawsuit. Also there is this little tidbit that I never knew about. CoHH is a fricken non-profit shard of City of Heroes/City of Villains; no company is going to come after them, with how popular Cosplay is now. Even if most of the people who attend do not Cosplay themselves, they at the minimum accept it, and with how easy it is to use the internet, with smartphones and instant access, any company who went after CoHH would get buried under the bad press, in pretty much every language in the world. NCSoft decided to put in their policy for CoHV because they did not want to mess with another lawsuit... and well, their NCSoft.
  11. TOs have always been useless, there only value was in the minuscule influence they earned by selling them, and DOs were only better in the amount of influence you could get from them. Nobody but a NewB invest in TOs/DOs. Of course when I was a NewB I would try slotting them, after all aren't they there to make your powers better, and be frustrated by them essentially doing nothing. The only TO I slot now is Acc, and that is to keep me at the 1 Streakbreaker, and even with a +3 TO and Beginners Luck you cannot maintain that with just 1 TO at level 10+. Now if you group then sure you don't need to slot... you have the group covering for you, but if you solo you are going to be dying or taking a knee a lot. You also do not get the benefit of many early powers, some of them Secondary T1s, until you can slot with SO level Es... again not a big deal if you group. But "Just group" has never been a proper answer in CoH, and that many of you keep going to it means many of you have no real reason for not revamping the Enhancement system. It's just something you don't want the CoHH Devs to do because you group through the TO/DO pain so it does not effect you. As for the group that says it would be too difficult, the "Just Group" people have already pointed out that the system for low level SOs already exist, it just does not exist for the low level Soloable missions. As for TO level IOs the only value they hold is that they do not decrease in value; a TO level Acc IO will still not keep me at the 1 Streakbreaker at level 10+. Salvage wise there is no difference between a TO and DO level IO, and the only TO level IOs worth investing in are the ones that don't add % to powers. CoH should have never launched with the TO/DO/SO Enhancement system, but it did and now that the Salvage and AH systems exist, where I can make a Million Inf in under a week, TOs and essentially DOs are even more useless. I'm failing to understand how fixing something that is useless, and making all of our powers useful right from the start is a bad thing.
  12. Again... the Tank pretty much lost its roll right out of the CoH box, and they have never been "important" in CoH, because CoH broke the Trinity. With the breaking of the Trinity there are no "important" ATs in CoH and there never has been. I think that is why so many Tank players in CoH are butt-hurt. They are coming from other MMOs where the Tank is a Primary AT/Class in the Trinity, and there is no primary or important AT in CoH. I'm all for making the Tank a different/fun AT to play, but quit trying to make them "important" to the group. To do that you would have to turn CoH into a Trinity MMO, and I'm definitely against that... not that I really see that happening in CoHH. I would go one farther and have every Tank attack have Splash damage, as well as the Taunt of Gauntlet. This would increase their damage output as well as agro, and to me would make them feel more tankey. Hells I would like to see the Tank be able to reach out and grab a MOB and slam them around like Hulk did to Loki. I played a single player Super Hero game where one of the Sups was able to do this, and use the MOB to slap around the other MOBs. A single target hold and a AoE attack in one power. I think it was Colossus that could do this.
  13. I see this as a Melee centric AT (Batman & Robin), is this how you see this AT? If so, I think 60 feet is too long. I think there are going to be a lot of Duoist trying to play at 60ft with their range attacks, and then getting butt-hurt because their Secondary PBAoE buffs are not effecting their Partner. I think 40 feet would be a better number. To short to be range effective, long enough to keep the Duoists buffed with Partnership, even if the Partner takes off after a runner. I don't figure your planning on reducing the range on the Ranged attacks... right? I think the Secondarie's Heals needs to be brought up into the #2 spot. They are of more value in the early game than Armors and Debuffs, which require SO level Es before they really start shining.
  14. Way to collaborate folks; this has been a fun thread to read, and I really like the Pet in the secondary. I would definitely give this AT a go. Thanks Malonkey1.
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