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  1. Fun fact: I don't understand a word of Bopper's maths. I still know how recharge works and calculated out how much recharge you need to do (thing). Further I calculated how much of an effect variable and intermittent recharge values will earn you. Explained it all in terms an uneducated buffoon like me can understand, too. >.>
  2. Also, this game is old, and runs on old rigs. My laptop has terrible resolution and I'm hard pressed to easily use more than one screen. :p
  3. Slightly off topic, but as a tabletop gamer I was confused about what Fantasy Flight Games had to do with anything in City of Heroes. >.>
  4. I solo GMs on my Titan/bio scrapper. It has great sustained single target DPS once you've got your build done enough to have a good recharge time on Build Momentum, and preferably also not need more than 3 or 4 powers in your chain. For those nearly dead minions, honestly, I just throw daggers at them (since I keep a large stock of envenomed daggers on me at all times).
  5. Titan Weapons, while powerful as hell, I feel is a balanced set. The endurance costs are intense, you -need- to build in endurance tricks, and even then you often struggle until you're fully built up. The recharge times are such that without building for permahaste you'll often be forced to use some of your weaker attacks. The momentum mechanic requires more focused play than any other melee set. If you don't use your momentum right, Titan is kinda craptastic. When paired with anything else that requires active use, it's got a steeper learning curve than any
  6. Sadly, if two enemy types have the same name, there is no way for a slash command to distinguish them. 😞
  7. I guessing then that popmenus won't recognize the numpad 😞 curiously, do you have NumLock on?
  8. To make it pop up would be: /bind numpad0 popmenu farmpro I think, but cannot swear, that the command line in the popmenu would just need to have the like "Make &Enrage" changed to "Make Enrage &0" - I don't think the popmenu will distinguish between the two 0s.
  9. Apex and Tin Mage are very nearly this.
  10. To mention, rp bartenders have no actual power. They are not GMs, they are not narrators, they are not the arbiters of anything. An RP bartender is no different than an RP arachnos arbiter or PPD officer. And literally anyone can walk behind the bar and claim to be a bartender. Don't get me wrong, your experience was a shit one, and I wish we had means of doing something to the person responsible (though depending on the nature of the requests for ERP you possibly could have reported them for harassment), but banning or vetting RP bartenders is at once unenf
  11. 3 SO tier enhancers and it's Perma. You can certainly improve it's recharge time immensely. At 50 you can get it Perma double stacked, which I believe even protects you from Tommy's cheater stun in the ITF. "Different play styles" is not a reason to change a set, if it was, we would all be playing one combination per archetype with different skins.
  12. Unfortunately this would require modifying the skeletons, and I am not sure we have the capacity to do that yet.
  13. I dislike them in an open environment like City of Heroes. I find that they need to be hyper scripted to the point that no one outside of a few key players is /actually/ involved, they're just along for the ride. Of course, this is because if it wasn't the case, no extended plot would actually be extended because someone always has someone that can do something about it. No matter what it is.
  14. Not Everlasting specific but there is also Looking for RP Used for seeking RP, whether missions, TFs, street sweeping, or just random company.
  15. @Bentley Berkeley You do realize though, that they're not talking about taking away the ability to use passcodes to enter bases from a base portal, right? They're only talking about deactivating the /enterbasefrompasscode command for player use, because it was never intended for player use. You and all the other base builders who have been building super cool RP bases to make public? Your work is still valid, anyone who knows the passcode to your base can still get to it, just from a base portal or the base transporter power instead of typing in a slash command.
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