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  1. Pushup is really only inappropriate with a willing partner.
  2. I'll pl you if you build me a base, does that count 😉
  3. If it's worth less than a million, I list it for 10 inf. 🙂
  4. I use that bind, I'll post my exact line for you when I'm at my computer.
  5. This topic comes up every couple weeks, ultimately as much as a lot of us would support it, the systems are just not in place to make that conversion.
  6. I have a couple characters that use the current 'hack' to get slightly outside of what the creator allows, and would definitely be in support of an expanded range, especially taller female skeletons and shorter male skeletons. As it stands presently, a female Avatar cannot go past the creators height at all, and a male one can get like an inch shorter.
  7. On one hand yes. On the other hand, ugh, the trolling that would come from that?
  8. I'm around in that time frame a lot, and am an RPer, though sometimes I'm feeling too asocial to go people. As a rule I don't do the SG thing unless it's a good fit for a given character, but feel free to add me as a global friend and poke me if you're wanting to start a team, I have chars ranging from 2 to 50+ with a wide array of personalities and goals.
  9. The best option for this would be a total and complete overhaul of the (at least non-invention) enhancement system, to make it so every enhancement type had a meaningful place in the game and actually felt useful. This, however, would be a rather significant amount of work and lead to the potential for things to become completely broken. While I think many of us would still not bother with enhancers in the low levels if the OP's suggestion were applied, it would make the existence of low-level enhancers actually meaningful. Further, while it can be argued the game was "balanced around" TOs <12, and DOs <22, they introduced several ways to obtain lower level SOs- such as Penny Yin and DFB. Sure, it's less reliable, but still it allows for a player with patience and/or money to obtain power outside of what the game is "balanced around", which there are other means of doing as well (I can give an alt a few mil and buy a whole bunch of temp buffs, and load them out with attune set IOs, for example). All the eradication of TO/DOs and replacing them with SOs would do to the power curve is make it more reliable and less about already having a stupid amount of money to get a low level character powerful enhancers. It will also make new players not stare at this enhancers they just equipped and wonder why the hell they bothered with it, because it made the damage of their attack go from 20 to 21, or their last hit chance go from 85% to 87%. It will make new players feel like slotting enhancers actually has merit. It will also give reason NOT to jump to IOs at 12, because there's still a marked increase in power of the SOs, at the expense of having to refresh them.
  10. "it's not a bug, it's a feature." 😉 But yeah, the proc isn't bugged, as veelectric said. It's a matter of how knockdown works. Knockdown is mag 0.67 knockback, so basically it knocks them back 0 feet. But, like all other crowd control effects, knockback mags can stack, and if enough of them hit in short order those 0.67 mag knockbacks stack up to high enough for actual knockback instead of knockdown. Factor in Burn having an idiotically fast hit rate, you're almost guaranteed to get stacking mags out the wazoo.
  11. What about the Praetorian tutorial badge, is that accessable by a Primal?
  12. If it's an opt-in option on a team, that everyone gets a chance to agree to when they join the team, I could see it being fun on occasion. Over all, I don't think it would have enough of a positive benefit to warrant the effort though.
  13. MMs that don't want Hasten (which plenty do want it), and the few builds that exist that can approach recharge cap without Hasten are enough of edge cases to not really be relevant to this discussion. It's like saying not to increase Lusca's reward because people can solo her. In regards to the OP- If they mean an inherent power, (you get it automatically at level x): 80% (estimated) of the population would have an extra power/pool pick, but not have the slots to spare for that pick. You'd see a marked increase in people taking like the Concealment pool because Stealth makes a good proc mule, there would be a very minor over all increase in the general power level of the game, but ultimately it wouldn't really change much. If they meant an auto power, (it's always on): 80% (estimated) of the population would have 1-2 more slots to play with on their build, an increased number of people would take it (assuming there was no nerf to correspond with it becoming auto), it would go from being something that most people take, even if they don't REALLY need it, to something that basically everyone would take because you cannot go wrong with a costless +70% global recharge. It would, for all practical purposes, become the new Stamina.
  14. *gestures idly at AE* You have the power to make the world you want to see.
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