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Increase salvage inventory size

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Same for recipe and enhancement inventories I suspect. Being that none of us are the original devs, we can't really answer to their reasoning. I'm also not one of the current devs, so I can't speak for why they haven't changed it.


If I were to hazard a guess though, I'd probably say it's because they don't see any issue with it being as-is, or, I think less likely, want to change it but haven't got to it due to competing priorities. I'd also wager that it was intended to encourage players to mind their inventories, breaking the mission-to-mission-to-mission chain to help combat the feel of mission monotony, and encourage people to utilize the AH to list their salvage instead of hoarding, on top of giving players something they can earn over time by playing (or at least auctioning and crafting) on the character. There may also be system limitations reasons for it.


But that's all pure speculation on my part.

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