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Avalanche - Chance for Knockdown bugged.


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The enhancement "Avalanche - Chance for knockdown" is either bugged or incorrectly named. It does not "knockdown" its throwing enemies 4 levels higher than me and up to boss rank like they're toys. I put it on burn and its severely reducing the amount of damage it does by throwing everything around me far away. I would not have spent 600 merits and 6 catalysts had i known that it was actually "knockback" and not "knockdown"

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I spoke to Pine about this issue and he explained what's going on. It's not a bug. The problem is with putting it into burn - burn has an initial damage portion and then a patch which is a pseudo-pet. The proc can trigger on either to knockdown. If it triggers on both the knockdown magnitudes compound and you get the crazy tossing out of the burn patch. So essentially the fix is to slot the set somewhere other than burn. Problematic, I know, as that's often the most open spot for it.


Also for future reference the Winter IOs are bucketed in the auction house so it's cheaper to sell your regular and rebuy superior than to use a catalyst.

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"it's not a bug, it's a feature." 😉


But yeah, the proc isn't bugged, as veelectric said. It's a matter of how knockdown works. Knockdown is mag 0.67 knockback, so basically it knocks them back 0 feet.


But, like all other crowd control effects, knockback mags can stack, and if enough of them hit in short order those 0.67 mag knockbacks stack up to high enough for actual knockback instead of knockdown.


Factor in Burn having an idiotically fast hit rate, you're almost guaranteed to get stacking mags out the wazoo.

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