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maintenance notices??


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appears the last entry in the maintenance notices under announcements is 8/2.  not seeing anything related to today's down time which is earlier than usual.  did they move those notices and I am just blind searching for their new home?

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and looks like this just popped up in the maintenance section 1 minute ago


@here All shards will be restarted at 1230 UTC (1 hour from now, 0830 Eastern US time) for OS updates. Estimated downtime is 2 hours.


so apparently not the usual 15 minute restart of tuesday, thursday

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I'm sure this one, and all of the ones following Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday" are to apply security patches, which on the newer versions of the Server OS, definitely takes some time.  I do it for a living for the company I work for, and I have seen servers (even VMs) take 2 hours to patch, and reboot with just the monthly security roll-up patch, and the almost monthly servicing stack updates.  When you stack even more on them (which they occasionally do), it can really bog things down for much longer than the previous OS versions took.  So, all is good I think.  Carry on! 😎

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