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Big Crash Just Happened

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Was just playing and the game froze...  First time it has done this.  Restarted PC and game won't start.  Clicked shortcut and PC froze again...  Not sure what is going on.  Haven't had any issues until just now.  Anyone else have this problem?

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Tequila launches then closes.


I am actually playing on Mac, so I am using Island Rum.  Same thing is happening to me only instead of launching and closing, it freezes.  Just started happening this morning.  Took a few hour break and played some other games (including other Wine games such as SWTOR) and it is still doing it as of now.  Game seems to be down hard for the moment...

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I had this happen yesterday.  Mac user as well.  It froze and nothing responded, I couldn't even get to the desktop.  I did a hard restart it booted to a white screen.  I had to reset the NVRAM and everything worked fine afterwards. 


Reboot the Mac, the moment you hear the boot chime, hold down the Command+Option+P+R keys, when you hear a second boot chime you can release the keys, the NVRAM has been reset


After NVRAM has been successfully reset, go ahead and let the Mac boot as usual. At this point it should (hopefully) no longer get stuck on a white screen.


Hope this helps.


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