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How to get Efficiency Expert badge redside only badge


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Okay for starters you need to get Efficiency Expert Pither as a contact, so do newspapers and mayhems and run other contacts missions until he is offered, also be L45+ and in Grandville.


He offers a 3 mission Story arc called Alone in the Darque and the timed missions.


The timed missions are the ones for the badge.  However in the midst of them he may switch to the Alone in the Darque arc, however that is only 3 missions so you can knock them out fast. 


Anyway the timed missions are:


Kick Longbow out of base: 4 glowies and 2 bosses, not a defeat all but could turn into one if you can't stealth it.  30 minute timer


Beat Sense into Fortunata Iverson: two part mission, part 2 is the one with the timer. 30 minutes. Defeat Iverson and guards.  Stealth it


Wipe Out Council Base: defeat all and plant a bomb. 30 minute timer


Kidnap Diocletian: not a defeat all, just find him and take him to the exit and remove any obstacles.  30 minutes


Get info about Malta Group: this is also bosses and glowies only.  2 bosses and 2 glowies but you may find that they are split among different levels of the map.


Steal Formula from Crey:  back in the day the text for the mission said you would have 30 minutes but the timer was only 15 minutes. The timer was correct and the text wasn't, however when I ran it the text was fixed.  So yes you have 15 minutes to find one glowie in a multi level Crey base. here's what to do: stealth to the very last level and click the glowie. Afterwards if you want, go to town on the Crey.


It is suggested that you use your base empowerment station for some extra speed and stealth.


Important things to remember:


1. he offers the missions in random order but usually the 15 minute one is last, however I said usually not always. Also you may start with the Alone in the Darque Arc or switch to it after one or two of the timed missions.


2. They say if you fail even one of the timed missions you fail the badge.  Back in the day I did some experiments on test server with failing missions with some alts and they still got the badge in some cases. However that is PRE-SHUTDOWN info, I have not been able to test to see if that is still the case so just win all the missions. Take no chances, just win them.  They aren't that hard, just watch the clock.


3. The timed missions are NOT, I repeat NOT in Ouroborus. His Alone in the Darque arc is, but that is just a standard mission arc with no badge. The timed missions are one time only, you fail the badge and you can never get it.


4. There is no point in forming a team for these missions as the badge is ONLY awarded to the mission owner.   This is also explained in the dialogue with Pither when you start this.


5. Stealth and speed will get you through these except for the kidnap and defeat all. If you have an empowerment station in your base it could be useful.





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I can confirm this, did the contact in exactly this way last night and got the badge. As Nericus says, it switched to the story arc halfway through and then went back to the timed missions, still got the badge and the arc isn't hard to run.


Thanks for the help, Nericus 🙂

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