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Q on joystick binding


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I can get most of the basics of controller binding from looking at the bindsavefile after I switched to controller mode, but I have a question about something a little more advanced.


Can I bind chord combinations of keys? Like using left trigger together with the bumpers and face buttons to hit numbers 6 through 10 in the power tray?

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I am going to talk as a player not a member of the dev team (because as far as this feature comes, i am just a user.)


I hope modifier buttons are a possibility, because I am dying to replicate Final Fantasy XIV's Cross Bar control scheme!!!... and on that note... i want UI Cross Hot bars that hold 5 powers (the center one to map with R3 and L3.)


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This is actually super relevant to me right now, because I actually figured out a way to do this with a PS4 controller, SCPToolkit (basically, custom windows drivers for Playstation controllers), and a program like Xpadder... And the last patch broke my controller scheme, one I had been using since Live, as for whatever reason City of Heroes is recognizing some of my D-Pad buttons as multiple button presses at once. Seeing as those are my tab targeting buttons...


I'm trying to figure out if there's anything I can adjust on my end, but nowhere else am I having this problem.


EDIT: Okay, I made a bit of a dumb. I forgot that I actually uninstalled the SCPToolkit drivers, because at some point windows got its own drivers that work for *most* things. I was able to get everything working again by reinstalling the toolkit's drivers and using them instead of the basic windows ones.


It should be noted, however, that anyone using a PS4 controller without the third party drivers is going to run into this problem.

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