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Cursor Behaviour with Windowed Mode in Latest Patch


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It appears that the latest patch has changed some of the behaviour with the cursor bounding within the game window.


I play in a Windowed mode running the game in Windows 10 with two monitors (just in case that matters), as I like to be able to view other items on my screen while playing.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
connected to Samsung UD03 Smart TV (primary display)
and Acer SA270 Monitor (game played on this monitor)

Display resolutions (both monitor and TV):  1920 x 1080

Game windowed resolution:  1577 x 907


Previous to today's patch, whenever I toggle MouseLook mode (++Mouse_Look), my cursor disappeared in-game.  However, this invisible cursor stayed bound within the game window.  Then, when I disable MouseLook, the cursor would reappear exactly where I left it at the time I activated MouseLook.  While MouseLook is not engaged, my cursor is not bound to the game window.  While manually holding the right-click mouse button, this behaviour is the same, but isn't toggled.


As of today's patch, whenever I change to MouseLook mode, my cursor disappears from in-game, but it continues to move.  If I move out of the game window (even while the game is the active window), the cursor appears visible in the space outside of the game window.  This causes me the issue of then clicking OUT of the game when I attempt to disable MouseLook, since the command is bound to one of my mouse buttons.  This causes a serious issue with my playstyle, preventing me from using my regular methods.

 As normal, while MouseLook is not engaged, my cursor is not bound to the game window.  However, if the only way to fix this issue means also keeping my cursor bound to the game window even while not in MouseLook, I will accept that.

Also, as normal, while MouseLooking with the manual right-click hold, the cursor remains bound to the window, making this all the stranger to me.


As I recall, the Live servers had this issue as well WAY back in the day.  I do not know what caused it, but they fixed it with a hotpatch.  Sadly I can not recall the exact dates of this.  I just hope someone with the technical skills can figure it out quickly.


Thank you.

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Further details, plus OS and hardware.
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I'm running windowed full screen, Win7 Pro 64 bit.


I'm seeing the behavior you're describing, but not having trouble clicking out and back into the game:


For me, toggle mouselook = shift+rightclick.


So if I shift-rightclick, mouselook gets activated and my character starts spinning even as I see the mouse arrow on the second screen.


If I click on the second screen, either left or right, my character stops spinning and my mouse interacts with chrome etc. 


Then if I move my mouse left (to bring the arrow into the COH render area), the arrow disappears but I can click and that puts the game in the foreground and my character resumes spinning in mouselook mode.  Then shift-rightclick to disable mouselook and get the arrow visible again.


EDIT:  OH I see, the problem is that the mouse should be limited to the COH window while in mouselook mode, so you don't click outside the screen.



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Yup, safe mode works like you describe, it restricts the arrow to not appear outside the COH render area, ONLY in mouselook mode.  The other two modes don't do this.  Also


/compatiblecursors 1 or 0

/cursorcache 1 or 0


don't change the mouse behavior in any mode.  And I couldn't find a command to restrict the mouse to the game render area.  If there was one, perhaps you could have bound "++mouselook$$restrictmousetorenderarea" to force it.

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Additional information:


The mouse is only properly bound to COH when a mouse button click is held down. Binding +mouselook to shift+lbutton works as you'd expect, but binding it to any key will let the mouse leave the window. Likewise binding ++mouselook to either mouse button will work as expected ONLY if you hold the button down (defeating the purpose of a toggle, admittedly), but as soon as you let go the mouse will move freely outside the bounds of the game window.


Only the primary mouse buttons (L R & M) prevent the mouse from moving. 4 & 5 do not.


Further, if the mouse does not leave the game window it snaps back to where you started the mouselook without issue.


Paraphrasing: entering mouselook or camrotate doesn't properly bind the mouse to the COH window unless the left, right or middle mouse buttons are also being pressed.

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