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"Origin of Power" arc glitch?


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I ran my main through Percy Winkley's "Origin of Power" story arc. The arc purports to be explaining all of the modern origins, but I realized after it was finished that it never covered Technology. Percy sent me to speak with War Witch (Magic), Synapse (Science) Penelope Yin (Mutation) and Manticore (Natural), and then handed me the "finale" mission to stop the Circle of Thorns from doing something-something.


I brought this up in the Help channel, and the person I talked to was redside and said that the redside version of the arc does include a Tech contact.


So now I'm wondering if my run-through on blueside was glitched (which would be odd, because the arc progressed to the finale with no apparent hiccups), or if the omission of Technology was simply an oversight on the part of the original devs.

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