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  1. So, I made this arc in the long long ago days of Live, pretty soon after AE was introduced. Never advertised it, probably had about 3 comments on it by shutdown. The file was saved along with the rest of my CoH folder all these years, so when I found HC, I put it back up. I recently got my first comment on it, which reminded me it existed. I thought I'd share it with the forum, see what other people might think. Description: Kidnappings by the Red Caps are on the rise. Help Marc Bridge's supergroup investigate why. [SFMA] [SLMA] Some notes/warnings on my design goa
  2. Thanks for the correction, misread the pop-up text as saying the set can only be slotted in henchman, but it says pets.
  3. Can't find a better thread for this, let me know if there was one. With the changes to Mastermind Henchman recharge, Command of the Mastermind (MM ATO set) has some redundant parts (namely the various recharge enhancement parts). Also, the Recharge Intensive sets no longer make sense to slot in Henchmen. The bit about low-hanging fruit in the patch notes makes me think this just hasn't been gotten to yet, but I wanted to mention it as a reminder/just in case.
  4. There is a scroll bar on the right side of your alpha recipes. Click on the alpha you are interested in to lock its information in the window, then scroll down to find the thread recipes.
  5. This arc is still missing the technology contact after the September 10 patch.
  6. The cash in badge is an accolade from what I’ve heard in help channel in game.
  7. You can also find it under the Menu > Chat Handle. Be aware, you can only change your global name one time, so make your choice count.
  8. This is a very common request, but the devs have made it clear that the database cannot support increasing SG size. Edit: Glad to be proven wrong.
  9. 1. There is not an immediate notification when a friend comes online, but any time you change zone you are told of any characters on your server friends list that are online. Unfortunately, SG/Coalition members or Global friends have no notification in this way. 2. Team chat and whispers have an audible notice, but I don’t think any other channels do. 3. There is a beta feature to show time stamps on chat messages. I’m not sure which tab the option to enable is on, but look for a beta features heading. 4. Never been in a coalition, so I’m no help on this on
  10. Hi, just installed and updated to, and all the Absorb portions of the Heal set IOs are too high - they are flagged as if they are on a single aspect IO no matter if it is single, dual or triple aspected.
  11. Actually, the hold IS a Mag 3 hold. That still won't hold bosses, but it should be enough to hold LTs as well as minions. With 9 seconds duration at base, it is possible to slot for hold and recharge in order to stack this against bosses. Frankenslotting this with the recharge pieces of Mako's Bite and the Hold pieces of Essence of Curare gives you 78% Hold, 66% recharge, and 3% Psi resist from set bonuses, but only 45% damage. Using Crushing Impact rather than Mako's Bite brings your damage up to 68% at the trade off of some excess Accuracy and 1.5% Psi resist. This is giving up a bit mu
  12. The emphasis on 3 in a row with +1 named LT seems odd. Most paper missions have a named boss as the target. With bosses off, it gets downgraded to a Lt. Since missions can spawn enemies at mission difficulty level or one above, this seems perfectly normal. I’m not sure what your numbers here represent. It can’t be hit chance, because there is a minimum 5% chance to hit. The LT couldn’t have had a .27 chance to hit. Maybe these are the hit rolls? As you mentioned being level 10, were these small inspirations? Because a small purple is only worth 12.5% defense, a medium on
  13. I’m guessing you have the stores set to only show enhancements you can use. Several stores have the full complement of enhancements, so you can always find the ones you are looking for, but perhaps these unlockable origin stores only carry SOs for their origin - which you cannot use and are therefore not displayed.
  14. Database fix needed: all the Healing set IOs have the absorb portion set to single effect regardless of how many effects are on the IO. Example: Doctored Wounds Heal/Endurance has the Heal and Endurance parts set to 2 effects, but the Absorb set to one effect. That means Heal and Endurance show a 26.5% value, while absorb is 42.4%.
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