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Costume Contest on Sept 18


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We in Chaos United would like to invite everyone on the Everlasting Server to come down to Kallisti Wharf at 6pm (Eastern Time) on Sept 18 and enjoy our monthly costume contest. With more than 2 billion influence and 3 purple sets to give away, I hope you all come down and join in the fun. There is no specific theme so we look forward to seeing all the creativity Everlasting has to offer.


To reiterate...

Sept 18

6pm (Eastern Time)

Kallisti Warf

Billions of Influence in Prizes!!!

Be there :)

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Did you make it?  Did you miss it?  We had five runner-ups with a 25M prize, a third place winner with a 250M + purple set prize, a second place winner with 500M + purple set prize, and a first place winner with a cool 1BILLION + purple set prize.  Join us next month for another contest!











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