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  1. It's possible... but if you team a lot, it's not really necessary. With just self-buffs, my PA recharge is 1:10 and I don't feel a burning need to get that down to sub 60. If you're on a team, you probably aren't relying on them to taunt (and as others have outlined, even with it perma, their taunt drops when you resummon them).
  2. That's the part I was after. I must have missed it where you declared the time for the first one. If I'm available, I'll join in. Can Leagues be set up like Task Forces, so you stay in even through DC? Of course, you couldn't bring in new folks if you did this, and losing a team or league leader would be complete chaos, most likely.
  3. Did you make it? Did you miss it? We had five runner-ups with a 25M prize, a third place winner with a 250M + purple set prize, a second place winner with 500M + purple set prize, and a first place winner with a cool 1BILLION + purple set prize. Join us next month for another contest!
  4. How are you going to be coordinating this? I've been bitchy about the change and feel obligated to help out with the testing a bit, so I'd join in on this if I'm available when you're doing it.
  5. A week later, I think Hami is fine. The coordination is slightly more complicated and a trial version would be very welcome (as it would give the leader more control over who joins and recourse to kick leechers - plus having two or so people in-zone that aren't in-league is just weird). I have probably run Hami more in the week since the population cap than the week before it and, overall, the time investment is only slightly longer. MSR remains the zone that's annoying to coordinate. The trial version will fix a lot of aspects of that, though that's a big undertaking to get into the game. The only real casualty from this, long term, is the loss of a huge group activity to do in-game (RP and similar evens are in-game, but they aren't really part of the game in the way a raid is). That large-scale action was really cool and, frankly, something that helps set CoH apart from other games. If we could find our way back to that in whatever form, I think it'd be a good thing.
  6. What @Coyotesays. In general, controllers in teams need to focus on AoE more than they do as solo (though if you have enough single target damage sources like Illusion, that's an AoE of its own). You'll find your single-target game quite a bit different in teams, too, since the stuff that survives the team's alpha is usually hard to get control to stick to (bosses, mainly).
  7. Everlasting is still doing nightly Hami raids, though we're still trying to figure out the best/most fair way to handle the fact that about 70 people show up most nights. The goal is that everyone that wants to run can run at least once and so far we've achieved that... it's just complicated and involves some waiting.
  8. Chaos United, but yes! We make it a point to run as much stuff as we can, and MSR is a favorite, which is one reason I'm expressing my concerns so much. The reason I would rather have no limit is that it gives you more freedom. If the leader says "25+" or "35+" or "50s only", that's their prerogative. If you show up, anyway, you're the jerk (and while you might not get caught sneaking in once, it won't do your reputation any favors in the long run). However, if it is hard coded at 35+, then there's no way to run it for 25+. One way requires some policing. The other way just flat-out doesn't work.
  9. I think that there are some fundamental shifts that have happened since the game came back (and are still ongoing) that are at play here. From the hardcore live-player perspective, this is just a bug and a simple fix. No problem there. From the new player (or "never did this content before" player) that only started doing the content after the cap raised, it doesn't feel that way at all. Having lived with it this week, I'm in agreement that it was absolutely the best short-term fix for Hami. A 50 player cap on RWZ, however, is a pain in the butt. Especially with the folks for the weekly TF zoning in and out all the time (and all it takes to mess up RWZ2 is one group zoning in to the wrong version at the wrong time). Even with the proposed creation of an MSR Trial, I feel like we're losing something by taking out the large-scale activity that you could do with 100 other people. That's where my main complaint lies. Half the point of the MSR was the social activities that were going on in the chat while the bowl fight was going on. Everlasting had some great themed MSRs and I often ran MSR just because I knew it'd be another episode of Pep Talk. The 50 cap seems to have deflated that and a Trial version won't do anything to help. MSR doesn't seem to be any less profitable now, though maybe the profit isn't as consistent as it once was. The cap was set back to 50 because that's what it was before. I don't think any other real thought went into that number since it wasn't an intentional change to make it 200. It takes away the specific annoyance of having to jump zones repeatedly trying to fit your whole league into one. It doesn't otherwise change anything with regards to population. Mind blown. To be fair, the base port thing is a bug, in general, and the only reason PVP enters the conversation is because that's the best argument for fixing it. If the QoL changes are good, then I'll have no complaints. One reason I only fiddled with Classic WoW for five levels is that I strongly believe that travel time shouldn't substitute for content.
  10. I am assuming the current version is a WIP (it was also produced with impressive speed - so thank you very much for that). I fully intend to get some folks in to the test server and offer specific feedback on this, but I'm not rushing as it sounds like there are major things unfinished. My experience has been that with double xp, below level 30, MSR is worth about five levels and above 35 it's worth about three levels. There's some variation based on the quality of the group (last night, I was an in exceptional group that got me four levels in my 40s), but those are pretty good ballparks. That doesn't really happen, but I'm in an SG that runs a lot of events like MSR and I do hear folks wanting to run them that will have to wait till the current one finishes. That is an advantage for the instanced version. Radical proposal: No minimum level (though the MSR itself doesn't need to level scale). The good thing about leagues is that the league leader can control exactly who is in there. If you show up with a level 5, it's on the league leader to see that and make the call. I'm with you in that this feels like something that will be added. I use the minimap during MSR more than I use it during most activities. I'm assuming it's only missing right now because this was a very fast turnaround. Having it stay is good. I'd really like to see it become a multi-league thing again, though. My complaints about this change, at their root, are mostly about that aspect of it. Assuming badges are a low-effort thing to add (yeah, big assumption), it would make sense to have entirely separate badges for MSR stuff in either version. I'd also like to see more done with the zone version (making it accommodate larger groups, mainly) while the Trial version becomes more challenging (with possibly greater rewards).
  11. We were asked by a GM to NOT discuss economics. I'm abiding by that and not responding to above items I might otherwise respond to. One thing I keep bringing up because I think it's important, is that different severs are different. On Everlasting, the straight-up "burn Hami" tactic was only used sporadically and mostly in the last couple of weeks (and even then, only about half the time). Hell, on Sunday, we did a full version with about 40 players and cleared three blooms (and had to back off to deal with a double bloom at one point). You obviously had very different experiences and I've come to see that Hami really does need a limiter to it. I think Hami as a full-league trial is probably the best way for him to exist. Anyway, MSR is the one I feel needs to be uncapped. It was already reward limited and the difficulty difference between 48 players and 100 players seems fairly minimal. I'm not pushing for the 200 cap to be restored (since there are very real performance issues at a certain point), but 100? Even 75? I'm all for that.
  12. There is nothing PVE players loathe more than having their stuff taken away because it's unbalanced in PVP. I'm glad to see some QoL improvements (which I hope to mean Base Teleporters that are worth using with more Oro Portal-like mechanics and CDs). I won't argue on Hami because you are right. Hami was out of line for the time commitment and difficulty (being honest, it is still out of line for time commitment per merit - it just requires more effort now). However... what were the rewards from MSR with 200 people? I never ran one quite that big (though I think there were a few I ran with a second overflow partially filled - so maybe 120 people). Was it really that high? I recall an average run turning up ~40 merits plus what you get off the drop ship. I never paid that much attention, though, so does anyone have solid numbers on the rewards before and after the change? I've had a real journey with this issue (a good bit of it chronicled here in past posts), and I want to reiterate that not everyone has the same experiences and sees the same things in the same ways. I feel like Homecoming is slowly transitioning from a game which had a fairly homogeneous player base (mostly hardcore CoH fans) to a more diverse player base (those same hardcore fans, but also folks that were more casual fans or are even completely new to the game). The zone cap removal was accidental (or, at least, it wasn't discussed with the whole dev team), yes, but there are a bunch of people playing now that didn't play it with the cap. That perspective has to be taken into account.
  13. I'd really rather see a rule that says "don't grief raids" and then bans handed out for people that insist on it. That kind of player is probably toxic in other ways and not worth keeping around. Jerks are going to find more ways to be jerks. It's better to just eject the jerks. Which is fine... unless your league wants to allow all levels. We used to make a point of it, especially if we were running at around the same time as Hami to attract lower-level folks. The rewards are good for low level characters, but they're not out of line with a radio farm in PI. Level 10 might be a bit much, but a level 32 is only marginally less effective than a level 35. It's also something that leagues can self-police since those level 10s aren't going to be able to join without a level 50 leading their team. I'm not entirely sure why this is an issue. When there were raids rolling all the time and they were easy to get into, there was no real need to schedule a MSR. That was part of the great thing about it - if you showed up, there was probably one going on and you could probably join the overflow. So... I'd agree that lag (which I didn't really notice being a problem below about 150 players - especially with the 64-bit client) is a reason for limiting things somewhat. I disagree with the rest as being reasons to make this the only way to do MSR. To be clear, though, an MSR Trial as a second way to do MSR would be great. It could be tuned for higher difficulty and give better rewards in compensation for being harder. I just miss the big social gatherings that the old 200cap MSRs had become and would like to see both kinds as an option. Hell, make three! One for 35+, one for 50+ with alpha slot, and the open world one which allows more players of any level.
  14. I think this is absolutely the right way to address Hami... and completely the wrong way to address MSR (unless the plan is to have two versions of MSR). I would much rather see MSR get a difficulty tweak and allow for multi-league battles. MSR had become a major social event and this does nothing to restore that.
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