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Bots/Thermal or Bots/Cold

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I have a concept for a Bots/Thermal, but it got me wondering what mechanically went better together: Bots/Thermal or Bots/Cold? (Definitely understands play what's fun, but I love me some good synergy as well!)


I'm thinking the /COLD shields would stack with the Bots shields to get their defenses up there but /Thermal would give a layer of resistance under the defenses.


In particular, I will be running in groups as I level and doing Incarnate content/Raids as my end goal. Won't be trying to take out AV's/GM's solo or any of that stuff.


Everybody and their mother seems to get their defenses capped through enhancements in the end game so the cold shields probably wouldn't be much help there (to groups outside of my bots). Having never played either (my Live MM was a BOTS/Dark which ruled), I'm not sure which would go best with Bots AND help in team settings more.


As always, appreciate your help!

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Cold. Shields help your bots. Mist helps everyone. Get some resists out of it, too. 


Plus debuffs aplenty.


Everyone can use extra Defense. Most ATs who spend millions on softcapping ranged or S/L don't have any DDR and so they can easily lose that defense. Extra defense is always appreciated, even if you are already soft-capped. So don't be leary of having more to offer. Only super reflex scrappers probalby don't care, everyone else should. 


Bots can heal themselves a bit, but I'd still pick up Aid Other. Don't get Repair it has too long of a recharge and usually overheals. Make sure to take Field Medic to make Aid Other not interruptible. 

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