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  1. Nihili, you really need a user pic with mad scientist gear going off. I certainly imagine these posts being displayed on a weird-tech screen with Jacob's ladder, Tesla coil, and bubbling brightly colored chemicals in the background.
  2. @Sovera: I do a lot of that. But I'm also interested in what's going on. @Hopeling: Thank you! That's precisely what I wanted to know. (I didn't even think about comparing the endurance costs!)
  3. I only ever had that happen once, but yeah. Loved it. 🙂
  4. Disclaimer: I have a learning disability when it comes to a lot of math. When I mention this, I often run into jokes about being too brain-damaged to do this or that, and, well, I actually am - I've got the X-rays, CAT scans, and such that show just where various lesions formed thanks to a rare autoimmune disorder. I really do put the time and effort into as much of my own math work as I can, but sometimes, as with the topic of this post, I run into mental walls. Sorry to sometimes be a burden, but really, you don't wish I were more capable at it nearly as much as I do. I miss the days when I would figure all this out for myself in a flash, but RL needs are eating up more than usual of what limited capability I have for it. Pfeah. Thank goodness for the chance to escape into the world of superpowers, right? How do Boxing (or Kick) + Tough + Weave compare to Maneuvers + Tactics, when it comes to a character's defenses and resistances? How does typical slotting, whatever that may be, affect the comparison? How about atypical but clever slotting? It's probably pointlessly silly of me, but the big draw for Sentinel for me is being ranged, and having to take melee stuff for a good build feels like a let-down sometimes. On the other hand, being woefully unprepared and dying a lot is also a let-down, to put it mildly. I like not sucking in play. 🙂
  5. @nihilii, this morning started off rough IRL, and you've got me smiling, laughing, and scheming. Thank you, a lot.
  6. Very interested, even if I still need to settle on a sentinel and work it up some more.
  7. @oldskool, this is amazingly helpful. I am very glad you took the time to review the historical context and a bunch of the surrounding issues - I played a bunch on live but there were things here I never knew. Thank you!
  8. Everlasting, I expect, once I work out a concept/name I like.
  9. It's really amazing how much influence you can rake in just doing content and very basic selling and such, yeah.
  10. Excellent! Looking forward to taking it out for a spin this afternoon.
  11. Post, damn you! 😄 I'm down with a stomach bug and wanna go bubble things with a new improved build to poke at. 🙂
  12. Thank you! This is really handy stuff - I love the mix of data and human interpretation, including "OK, right, just when do I use this, and how?"
  13. What is the sound of one ParaBruce appreciating? 🙂
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