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  1. I know that there have been changes recently. But I have fairly severe dyscalculia, one of many side effects of an auto-immune disorder messing with my brain chemistry, and it's very hard for me sometimes to translate numbers in isolation into a sense of game significance. So: what does it all mean? That is, what changes would I, as someone who's a pretty good player who'll never be great, notice while tanking, leveling and at cap? Would soloing be easier/faster/visibly different? Do some power sets gain or lose in overall standing? That kind of thing - the qualitative consequences of quantitative changes.
  2. Did I manage to blow right past the test results for Fire/Force Field? As a chronic bubbler, I was particularly curious about that one. 🙂
  3. That's very likely true. 🙂
  4. Thanks, everyone! Continuing to collate advice on all fronts. I really appreciate y'all. @biostem, how far have you gotten, and how's it gone? Someday I'll do Something/Trick Arrow.
  5. I'm having fun with dark/dark dominating, and have taken it up to a higher level than with any other dominator in ages. But I know I'm just fumbling around when it comes to efficient use of powers. What are good single-target and AOE target chains?
  6. I don't think I've ever actually taken Bonfire. How do you recommend slotting it?
  7. They always did, if memory serves, they just seem readier to beat feet expediently now, and to run farther. I've had some enemy pursuits that felt like they should have triggered Yakety Sax playing, lately. This is what slotting procs is for, of course.
  8. @Riverdusk, I've noticed the same with the assault bot's fire patches, so it may be a change to fire mechanics, or pet fire mechanics, in general.
  9. Thanks, everyone! It sounds like I didn't miss any particularly glorious insight from the proc monster seekers or anything like that. @SmalltalkJava, @Warlawk, I agree with you about the importance of a good AOE heal for MMs. I don't feel quite set without one.
  10. I don't have a very solid concept when it comes to the secondary right now; what I'm thinking of could easily adapt to a bunch of them. So I'm after something that'll be fun and at least moderately effective.
  11. The ongoing flood of tinkering and experimentation in recent months has been amazing to watch, and to make use of when it coalesces into builds I can take and tinker with. I can't recall when any MMO I ever played has had such a real churning of ideas. So I'm curious: how much of it bears on what should be my decision-making about a necromancy secondary and slotting? When last I thought I understood it :), /dark remained a super-solid choice, given the piling up of -tohit, the really good heal, and all. I've been having a ton of fun with @Warlawk's bots/time, and it looks like necro/time would also be very solid. But what else? Did it turn out, while I wasn't looking, that /sonic or /trick arrow is the new necro hotness? Is necro/nature a thing thanks to @SmalltalkJava? And so forth and so on. What's recent and cool that necro could use? PS. In my head, the moment I started writing the title, I heard Jon Anderson singing on Yes' song Starship Troops. "Shining flying purple wolfhound, show me where you are." If any of you would like to be a shining flying purple wolfhound, even just notionally, Jon and I say you should go for it.
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