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  1. Greetings! I have been trying to rotate my base portal to change the direction characters face upon entering my base. Not having much luck. Then I noticed that every time I exit ANY portal I am always facing south. If this is a 'code thing' and it can not be changed It will be a real pain to rotate the entrance room - for design reasons. Question would then be: can the entire plot grid be rotated to have different N,S,E,W alignment? Apologies if this question has been asked before, A search is giving me nada. Peace! \o/
  2. I am well aware of that. My point is this: If you team with other players regularly and have access to a force field defender it is possible to reach a soft cap in defense without the hassle of set bonuses and other powers from the auxiliary pool to achieve the 45%.
  3. You could be right about time and cold being better - however those are all Pbaoe/targeted area of effect and ground based buffs - if I am not mistaken - which would work greet for mdps teams. A heavy ranged team with mobility would function better with a Force Fields, imo <----- \o/ I appreciate the conversation.
  4. chicken and egg - no one plays them because no one wants them on a team. "possibly". I need to be more aggressive in getting a regular 'raid team' together. It would be great to let dps slot for dps and not worry about the extra crap. \o/
  5. You are forgetting deflection shield and insulation field + dispersion bubble (3 slotted with a defense enhancements for each) gets 45% - at least it did 1 hour ago when I tested it.
  6. I understand there is much talk about the balancing act with set bonuses and extra powers you need to take from the auxiliary pool to get defense capped. I just wanted to point out a Force Field defender will get you 45% with no repels or knockbacks. Peace! \o/
  7. I appreciate every one's reply. It is great to share insights with nice and admirable people such as yourselves. I hope we get to play together one day. Peace! \o/
  8. Greetings, I hope your day is full of wonder, I noticed on the AH there are many IOs being sold for less than the cost of crafting it. Example: level 50 IO has a base cot of 450,000(ish) [not memorized] - listed for 200,000(ish) The enhancements are being sold at less than half this amount. I am not implying there is anything wrong with setting the price at this level, I am hoping to understand the motives for doing this. I can imagine several reasons being: Influence to burn. has the recipe memorized (which would make it 'at cost' at the price
  9. Hi! I was wondering what you think of a new enhancement type that effected the radius of PBAoE powers that did NOT effect max number of targets? Giant Monsters, Hami and TF/Trails are a challenge to add dps/buffs/debuffs as mdps. (Burn as an example with an 8' radius will hardly effect 1 Giant Monster or larger Bosses with adds). Just throwing this out there.
  10. The PL to 50 isn't the issue. the PL to vet level 20 and 2nd tier Incarnates is another matter. I know, I know, I know it is my fault for not switching sooner. Luckily and Happily the bubbler is NOT my main. I doubt I will go through all the expense of leveling another one just to get the perfect secondary power set. I will take everyone's word that it is impossible to switch powersets. I was just dreaming if it was possible (as in: they just had to switch a button with the code) that would be a great reward for doing the respect task force. On live, I flopped many tim
  11. I hit 'tab' and posted before I finished. 🙂 Indeed I played on live, and they were very challenging! Question: if the coding/mechanics (under the hood) of the game allowed a character after creation to change power sets. If not: it makes my suggestion of adding that ability as a reward to the respect trails, irrelevant. Just throwing it out there.
  12. Hi! My apologies if this is an old topic but here goes. 1. Is it possible with the coding/mechanics of the game to switch power sets? If not, my next question/suggestion is irrelevant. 2. Because there are respect recipes in the game, running Trials/Task Force that award a respec seem pointless/underwhelming (unless the cost is prohibitive). I thought it would be super useful to reward a player who did run the TF/Trial to change a power set. For instance I have a bubble/dark defender and am considering rerolling to a bubble/sonic. I would much rather, after getting alpha/vet le
  13. Thank you for this post. It is very helpful. I am still trying to get my head around which enhancements with set bonuses work best in what kind of powers: all ways on vs toggle vs on use. If anyone has a link to or can offer any wisdom on this, I would appreciate it. Thanks again for this wonderful post.
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